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Posted: May 14 2014

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Our latest Pressure Zone event was held at the beautiful Fairmont Resort found on the dunes of St Andrews, here a group of 26 from BP enjoyed challenging Indoor Team Building Activities. The group being challenged to several tasks that required them to step up and perform to their best under pressure with the hopes of winning Team Challenge Company's Gold Trophy and not taking home the Wooden Spoon. To start off the evening our teams had to come up with the best name they could think of to bag the first £100. Lion King and Funny Patter were entertaining choices but the money went to Glenwho?. With names chosen all three teams gathered round to take their practice shots at ‘Flop It’. It was a good effort, but not a lot of money was given out and the tone of the evening was set when the group noisily decided no money was awarded for a fluke land that hit off the back board.

Setting off into rotations the teams had to tackle; The Descent, Index and Landing Strip. A lot of hilarity was heard around the room as the tasks were undertaken and no one was afraid to try and put the other teams off. Susan handled the pressure particularly well when the whole group surrounded her while she was taking on the Index and she won a bonus £200 for her team. A break in the rotations saw the teams play Hole-In-One. The girls proved to be particularly skilled at this one during their practice rounds with both Lindsey and Ann managing their practice with ease but when it came down to it the Lion King team shone through with 3 wins in a row.

The final rotation allowed the teams to add more money to their winnings so far, however there was also a lot of dancing going in the room. Particularly during the bonus shots where the 50s music turned the room into more of an old fashioned knee’s-up and as we gathered together again for Bounce-And-In we were even entertained with the Hokey-Kokey from team Lion King. This task allowed a few more £100s to be added to the collections as we moved onto the final. Stepping up to Tier Drop the teams were keen to win a final bonus. In this fast paced finale all the teams managed to step up and get some winnings under the hot lights of the Pressure Zone but it has to be said the nick named ‘Del Boy’ did particularly well. With the money all counted up all that was left to do was announce the winners. With a respectably £1900 Funny Patter took home the wooden spoon and a team photo. Glenwho? took second place enjoying a photo in our Pressure Zone but the winners were Lion King who took their Gold Trophy excitedly and promptly used it to drink their champagne. A big thank you to Roslyne for organising another fantastic evening, it was a pleasure to work with you again.

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What an intense, action packed night. Some great competition between the teams! The bottle of bubbly tastes even sweeter from the Team Challenge Company winners trophy! The Lion Kings were unstoppable! A fantastic night!



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