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Posted: Jan 25 2014

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The stunning Hanbury Manor Hotel and Country Club in rural Hertfordshire was the setting for an afternoon of Corporate Indoor Team Building with Citysprint on Saturday 25th January 2014. After a day of conferencing, the group of 140 from all over the British Isles took part in a series of Indoor Team Building challenges including Balloon Tower, Archway Contract and Crane Construction. The prize on offer being the coveted Team Challenge Company winners trophy for the best performing groups of the day. In an exciting change to proceedings, there were 3 trophies on offer in total! The winners of Archway Contract and Crane Construction would both receive an accolade as well as the best overall team for the day. So needless to say it was all to play for!

Balloon Tower was the first challenge presented to all 14 teams simultaneously, all eager to make their mark and to get some early points on the board. The tallest balloon tower would of course be deemed as the winner. With some weird and wonderful designs of all shapes and sizes, the standard across the board was very high! The Budgie Smugglers were tall but with no solid base. The Argumentals did what they did best and argued for 5 minutes regarding the structure of their tower before a balloon was even blown up. Magnificent 9s were aiming high as well with quite an impressive effort. The Players and The Shy Teds struggled to get any real height as the time limit elapsed quicker than most realised! The points were eventually shared among the top teams, as many celebrated by systematically trying to burst each others balloons!!!

After a frantic and fun filled first activity, the group were then split, with 7 teams tackling the Crane construction challenge, whilst 7 took on the Archway contract. They then swapped over after 45 minutes to complete their final challenge of the day. Crane Construction saw many weird and wonderful designs, some even defying the laws of physics in fact! There were tall, thin cranes - short, compact cranes. Cranes with pulley systems and cranes which just fell over. Each team were energetic, industrious and positive in their approach to building their device. With time running out fast, each team scrambled to apply the finish touches to their crane. There could only be one winner though - The Undateables managing to hoist their weight a massive 68 inches from the floor! A fantastic effort which could not be equaled.

Archway Contract again proved to be a challenging and thought provoking 45 minutes for each team. With careful and strategic planning measures put in place, the archways began to form! Several teams blew their entire budget, while others were more meticulous about the £250,000 they had to spend. There were some superb efforts across the board, with every teams desire to win evident to see. Bananarama and Traceys Knockers, among others, were in contention for arch of the day. The Shy Teds and Our Souls were languishing behind the misfits and the Little Gary Barlows as well. Eventually the Team Challenge Company trophy went to the Annihilators with a simply fabulous archway and with only £148,500 spent from their budget.

An action packed and eventful afternoon came to a close around 6pm. All that was left to do was the presentation of all 3 trophies. The Undateables were summoned to the stage with the sound of success ringing in their ears. They picked up their trophy for best crane of the day - a 68 inch lift! Very impressive! The trophy for Archway Contract went to The Annihilators, much to the delight of the entire team. Well done! This also sparked an awesome specatcle of all 140 people perform the YMCA dance in unison, as you can see from the picture it truly was a sight to behold. The final trophy was for the best overall performance across the day. The team who accumulated the most points over the three activities. This spoils were enjoyed by Team 5 a Day with a massive 2900 points!!! Congratulations! Consistency triumphing over the one hit wonders! The dreaded wooden spoon and feared last place unfortunately fell on the heads of team Players, who racked up a meager 1500 points across the day. But as they stated on the day to those who finished above them - 'at least we won a prize' a very entertaining and optimistic way of looking at things! Great Stuff! Thank you to Sally Anne for making the day such a success. Another fantastic afternoon with Citysprint. See you all next year for the rematch....

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We had a great time again this year (as you can see in the photos!) and have had such positive feedback from the delegates. Please pass my thanks on to Bob, Robbie and Simon for facilitating it so well and making sure everyone had such fun!


Robie Gilmour

What an absolute pleasure it was taking charge of crane build for the day. 14 intensely competitive teams. A great atmosphere at a great location. Thank you for some great laughs and memories. Everyone competed in a great spirit and the MAJORITY with a great deal of integrity haha. Look forward to seeing you all again next year. 4 trophies on offer???


Simon Grant

What a brilliant day! CitySprint were a great and enthusiastic group to work with. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Some of the archways were quite impressive when you finally got them standing (although I use the term "archway" loosely haha). Hopefully see you all next year.


Bob Scott

It was a great to be working with Sally Anne again on this event and what a laugh we had with this group. From the outset the competitiveness of all the teams was their to see and with 3 trophies on offer we knew it was going to fast paced and fun. Their was lots of fond memories from this event but my highlight was when all of the 140 delegates were all up out their seats doing the actions to Y.M.C.A and we have the pictures to prove it haha. Thanks again to Sally for organising a fantastic event and great to see Patrick picked up a trophy rather than a Wooden Spoon this year lol Bob



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