Indoor Team Building with The AA

Posted: Sep 19 2013

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With helium balloons inflated and the charity stand ready the Woodkirk Valley Country Club welcomed members of the AA Road Teleworking Team for a day of Team Building activities. A morning of varied challenges designed to test the mental, physical, and creative abilities of the teams saw the Invincible's and the Norfolk 'n' Hopers leading as lunch was served, but with Darryl's Chicks and the Leeds Leaders hot on their heels there was no room for complacency.

Fed and watered it was time for Round 2, and with the ice breaker out of the way it was time for the Interlocker challenge. It proved difficult with only the early leaders completing the challenge successfully, and the Invincible's emerged as the champions following the 1 minute challenge. With 2 events remaining the Invincible's were opening up a lead at the top of the table. A creative music task followed, and with a swing normally reserved for political ballots the Leeds Leaders took the glory with a memorable performance of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Other great compositions included Baa Baa Black Sheep.

It looked likely that Darryl's chicks would be leaving with the wooden spoon, and that was confirmed when they smashed their egg in the final challenge. Despite a catastrophic performance from the Invincible's they had done enough in earlier activities to hang on and take home the Team Challenge trophy. Final Scores The Invincible's - 6,000 Norfolk 'n' Hopers - 5,700 Leeds Leaders - 5,500 Darryl's Chicks - 5,400

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