Interactive Quiz with Danone Nutricia

Posted: May 01 2019

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The beautiful Belton Woods hotel played host to our Interactive Quiz event with the amazing team from Danone Nutricia. As they arrived there was a great atmosphere as wave after wave of elaborately costumed quiz team began to arrive.

We kicked the quiz off with our Hit or Miss icebreaker, testing the guest’s musical knowledge throughout the era’s in order to win some highly contested points. The crowd was singing along as people started to be knocked out and by the end of it team J Birds wound up on top. You'd hope they would know something about music as they were dressed as the cast of Grease!

After a lovely three course dinner and a few more rounds of questions it was down to the wire as we began the interactive rounds. Watching a team of Vikings compete with a Team of jungle animals to build a giant tower out of only balloons in a Luxury Hotels dining room is truly a sight to behold.

It was down to the wire in the final round where the Healthcare Champions had the lead. The final round was to construct a freestanding bridge for a remote-control monster truck to cross, if the truck makes it, you get the points. All the Healthcare Champions had to do was succeed and they would win, nobody would be able to do anything to score enough points to take the trophy from there grasps.

They placed the car at the start of their bridge and inched forwards. You could see the concentration on the drivers face as they gently pushed the joystick. Halfway across and the bridge was beginning to fall, and the driver gunned it, but it was too late! the car fell, and the other teams breathed a sigh of relief.

It was anyone's game, if they could succeed where the Healthcare Champions had failed then they would take victory. One after another they stepped up to the controls and one after another they fell to the ground. All but one, "Snow Craig And The Seven Independent Women Dwarfs" rolled across the bridge and erupted in cheers at the finish line.

The victors of the day went away with an amazing 400 points and of course the all-important Team Challenge Company Trophy! Well done to Snow Craig And The Seven Independent Women Dwarfs. Taking home, the popular Team Challenge Company wooden spoon, was The Super Sonics with 190. The day was a great success and we topped the night off with everybody dancing and singing the YMCA. It was fantastic to meet and work with all the teams and hopefully we get the chance to do it again soon!

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