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Posted: Aug 25 2016

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Team Challenge Company met with Standard Life Investments at the stunning Norton House Hotel for an afternoon of Team Building in the form of our famous It’s a Knockout event!

As the group finished their conference the referee made his entrance and split the teams in their colours they would be competing for the day. As the team members introduced themselves it was time to get warmed up before splitting into the first rotation.

As the teams split up the battle was on as everyone wanted to take home the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy! Up first on the Gladiator Duel was The Black Team vs. The Yellow Team. The battle was fierce as the Black Team chanted “Black Death” every time an opponent from the yellow team stepped up to take them on! Their chanting seem to worked as they were the only team of the day to take down all 8 opponents and take away the 1000 points up for grabs in this round!

It was time for the first It’s a Knockout race to begin – “Clown Around”. As the teams stepped up to their lanes they spoke tactics on what letter they would collect in the aim of making the largest word of their heat. This would allow them to go away with the maximum 1000 points from this round! The Green Team and the Red Team were the champions of both heats taking away those all important points and taking them one step closer towards the Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy.

The brain teaser of the day was the Rollerball! The teams were in deep discussion on how they could keep the ball in their contraptions with only the materials provided. However,this wasn't enough to make them the winners, their contraption would have to last longer than all other teams to win the points. The Multi-Coloured team mastered the art of the see-saw method early doors in the round. Once they built their contraption there was no stopping them!

It was time for the all-important finale and the final chance to get those points! The obstacle skis seemed to be a tough challenge for some teams but other team mastered how to get all the team to work together and race up and down there row! The Light Blue Team and the Lime Team flew there and back! For a bit of fun at the end all teams had the chance to race though our new inflatable “The Gauntlet”! The scores had been checked and verified!

1st - Green - 7600 Points

2nd - Black – 7300 Points

3rd - Lime - 7200 Points

4th - Red - 7100 Points

5th - Light Blue - 7000 Points

6th - Yellow - 6800 Points

7th - Pink - 6700 Points

8th - Blue - 6600 Points

9th - Multi-Coloured - 6400 Points

10th - Orange 6200 Points

We would like to say a massive congratulations to Jennie and the team for organising such a brilliant event a lot of effort and time went into the making of this amazing day! We hope you all enjoyed the day as much as we did and look forward to working with you all again in the near future!

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An absolute pleasure to work with Jennie, Alasdair, Mark and the team in puling this fantastic event together - the photos from the day are amazing, and the competitive spirit across all teams really shines through! Very much hope that everyone took great memories away from Norton House with them, and look forward to seeing you all again soon for the re-match!



Such a brilliant event with the team from Standard Life Investments. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and look forward to working with you all again soon!



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