Race Night Indoor Team Building Activities with Heineken

Posted: May 30 2014

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The team from Heineken arrived at the Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh raring to go with anticipation for the indoor team building activities Race Night ahead of them. The room was filled with fantastic decorations and of course the popular "bookies office". At the start of the evening, with every person having a bit of a boost in money, it was time to earn even more with Higher or Lower! It was a tough game for most but eventually we managed to get a few top winners who took away some vital fun money ready for the races ahead. With the first race underway there was tension filling the room after everyone had placed their bets. The biggest question was who was going to win the most money and gain their team the honour of the Team Challenge Company trophy to keep in their office. It was close but a big winner from this round was Fosters who put a bit of extra money in the pot! To split the races up there was some extra quiz rounds in between so each of our teams could try and win yet more money, it was tense with all of our competitors thinking they knew the answers but our top scores came from the Bulmers team on the logo quiz.

With our next couple of races there was a bit more confidence in the bets and a lot more money was put down meaning of course there would be a few big payouts. John Smiths team and Strongbow were big winners of this round taking away a great deal of money! In our second quiz round it was time for the movie buffs to show themselves, and there was a lot of debate when it came to answering the questions especially for sequels! In this round our top scores came from the Heineken team who surely knew their stuff! The final race of the night was slightly more interactive this time around, with our volunteers coming up for animal race! It was a tough game but in the end out winners were duo 2 who took the victory with ease and not to mention the sneaky £50 bonus that their team received!

In the end when it came down to our scores the winners of the wooden spoon was team Heineken although their reason for this is "they came to play not to win". We say fair enough! In first place after winning on 5 out of 6 races it was the Fosters Team! A fantastic effort from all which made it a great evening. Of course as always it wouldn't have been possible without the hard work from Helen. It was lovely to work with you all again and we hope to see you all very soon!

Comments (2)


Helen Cochran

Again thanks to the team on the night and the back office - always look after me well!



The race night with Heineken was by far one of the best events i've done in my time! the team were all big betters which made it a lot more fun for us on the bookies station! It was a pleasure to work with the team and I hope there weren't too many sore heads the next day. I heard Jagerbombs were the plan of the evening!



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