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Posted: Feb 04 2016

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of hosting an Evening Entertainment in the form of a Race Night for the wonderful group from Swinton Technology at the lovely Carmelite Hotel.

As the guests enjoyed the amazing buffet provided it was time to get into teams and start betting! The teams that formed were “Norfolk-Good”, “I Need the Drinks” and “Mitch’s Bitches” but who would take home the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy?

The first race of the evening was a flat race from Goodwood. All teams were told they needed to bet big to win big but to also play strategically. Eddy bet his full £30 on a horse 1 and quoted “Don’t you worry I know it wins”. 

The bookie knew it wasn’t going to win but there was no changing Eddy’s mind. The race kicked off and tension was high. As the race came to its peak horse 1 found itself at the back while Horse 8 took away the crown at 1st place! As the 2nd race kicked off, Eddy, with his head held down, needed to borrow money from the banker! Not a good start to the night for Eddy but still room to make up for his loss!

It was time for the first of two bonus quiz rounds! The first round a brand new one called “Hollywood Yearbook”. 10 Celebrities High School photos were on screens and teams had to decide who they thought the celebrity was. As the slides came up on the screen the teams were in deep discussion trying to figure out who they were. Everyone knew they looked familiar but found it tough to think who they were! As the answers came in all teams shot themselves in the foot as they were reminded of who each photo was of.

As the final race began everyone placed all their remaining money on each horse in the hope it would come in and they would take home the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy and not the Wooden Spoon. Anwar placed £300 on horse 7 praying the big risk would pay off. Everyone was up on their feet cheering and hoping their final bet would take them to the top. The results came in and horse 7 was the winner, meaning that Anwar won £1200! Would that take him to the top? Coming in last and taking home the Wooden Spoon was Eddy with £100! Everyone knew Eddy wasn’t going to move far from last place following his £30 bet on the first round. In second place with £1200 was Ben and in first with only £40 more than Ben was Anwar with £1240.

We would like to say a massive congratulations to Mark for organising this amazing event. We hope you all enjoyed your night as much as we did and look forward to working with you all again soon.

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Eddy, Eddy, Eddy where did it all go wrong ? - You must be lucky in love young man ! Great night at the Carmelite Hotel and what a competitive bunch you all turned out to be ! Well done Anwar you started at the top and stayed at the top ! Thanks to Mark for keeping everyone in order - well apart from Mitch who goes his own way ! Hope to see you all again soon. Stephen



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