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Posted: Oct 01 2014

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With the autumnal weather arriving in Scotland at the start of October the cosy, Priory Room at Maryculter House Hotel provided the ideal location as we were joined by 3 teams from READ Cased Hole for one of our popular company team building activities, Trade to Win. With a range of activities designed to test our teams’ creative, construction, and team working skills it was Team Falcon who raced into an early lead. Captained by Bob they soon mastered the notoriously difficult Helium stick, and then wowed the military experts with their presentation skills. We’re still not sure how the Brazilian flag coincidentally arrived at the team with a Brazilian in it, bribery was suggested, but we don’t even remember bringing one with us.

In 2nd place on both of the first 2 events were Lydiya’s Rockets ‘R’ Us team, who didn’t have the same speed as Team Falcon on the Helium stick, but with the day being about more than just points they chose to gamble their prize money in a secret double or quits challenge. With the added pressure of their rivals doing their best to put them off the team successfully completed their task and took the cash lead away from Team Falcon.That left the Skye Rockets team trailing behind midway through the morning. However under Stuart’s leadership the team regrouped and won both of the next 2 events. There was controversy in the Crane Building exercise as they competed with Team Falcon for the victory. With technical infringements on both sides and a structural collapse from the Rockets ‘R’ Us entry though Skye Rockets were awarded the win by the judges. There was no such controversy when it came to the NASA Challenge. Rockets ‘R’ Us were unlucky to trail home in 3rd place with 30 points, a good score (despite their efforts to carry a heater across the moon before a first aid kit) which on many occasions is enough to take the glory. On this occasion though the competition was tough, and with scores of 24, and just 18 points it was again the Skye Rockets who emerged victorious to sit in 2nd place as we broke for lunch.

After having been fed and watered the teams returned to complete their final activities. First up to confront our teams was the Interlocker 3D jigsaw, and the new “2 minute assembly” challenge. Following a brief practice period it was again Team Falcon who took the big points, successfully completing the task with around 15 seconds to remain, with the other teams enjoying varying degrees of failure on this occasion. Next up for our teams was Bridge Build, and in a possibly unprecedented turn of events, all 3 teams managed to get little Tom Cruise over the canyon to take maximum points and prize money away with them. The final activity that the the teams had been building towards all day, figuratively and literally was the Rocket Launch. With the success shared fairly evenly through the day all the teams had won enough money to purchase everything they needed to get their rocket into the skies, and after a bit of gamesmanship earlier in the day the only thing standing in their way was the construction process.

With all 3 teams managing to successfully launch their rockets the final points of the day were to be decided by how high their rockets went. Team Falcon having had the edge for most of the day meant the trophy was safely theirs with 6,000 points once their rocket took off, which was just as well as their rocket came home in 3rd place. It was a tighter finish between the other 2 teams for the wooden spoon. Having seen the Skye Rockets make a successful and impressive launch Lydiya decided to launch the Rockets ‘R’ Us effort herself, and finishing the day as it had started saw her team succeed under pressure as they beat the Skye Rockets attempt and avoided the wooden spoon with 5,300 points compared to Skye Rockets 5,200. Thank you to Roy for arranging such a fantastic event, we hope to see you all again soon!

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Jonathan Hazley

I hope everyone had such a fantastic time like we did! Some of the activities were a lot more challenging than I think you thought they were going to be! Some disappointment in the teams that didn't get to take home the Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy! We will hopefully see you all again soon for another chance to win!



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