S1 Soapbox Derby with Sage

Posted: Oct 03 2013

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On the very overcast morning of October the 3rd, Team Challenge Company and Sage UK met at the Toffee Factory in Newcastle to begin our exciting day of our Team Building S1 Soapbox Derby Event! Firstly our 4 enthusiastic teams were introduced to the event and their soon to be, race cars by Jonathan who was (as usual) kitted out in his favourite racing jumpsuit. Each team began the day by creating their very own original Formula 1 company idea and marketing plan. Mean whilst the allocated design team were creating the ideal racing suits to go with this! Our teams prepared a presentation that would be used to promote their racing team to 3 sponsors (our events team). Each group putting on a show in the hope of gaining some extra points and the chance to start their race in pole position. Team Toro Verde really stood out with their fantastic logo and DANCE!

Once our teams had completed the presentations and were informed on their starting positions we headed out of the Toffee Factory and across the street to where the real competition would take place. The racing circuit! When we arrived our teams were given all the materials they would need (cardboard, paint, glue and string) they began designing and building their own racing car! There were some very creative ideas and some very competitive ones. Some teams going for looks and others going for speed! Once the vehicles were checked and confirmed to be within regulation and suitable for racing they each took their place on the start line. Now it was time to race!

The race was very intense and exciting with all teams going for gold! After a few laps it was clear that it was going to be a close race until Team Golden Piston began having problems with their car after a crash which held them back in the second round. However they got back on track for the final! The final was an exciting race to watch as everyone was destined to take home the Team Challenge Trophy! Our racers were very competitive and there was some borderline unsportsmanlike moves used in order to get ahead. After a very close last lap team Toro Verde managed to get in front and finish in first place! Congratulations to our winners and thank you to Tori and Jill for organising  this amazing event.

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Thanks for sending these through – some fab pics in there!  Thanks again for a really great, well-organised day  I’d also like to take this opportunity to once again, say thank you for a fantastic afternoon. It was really great. Very professional, well organised & fun!



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