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Posted: Aug 28 2014

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Maryculter House Hotel was the stunning venue of our latest Beat the Clock event for Subsea7. Unfortunately we didn't have the weather on our side but our guests were still up for some team building fun. We started off the day by splitting everyone up into twelve teams and showed them their value cards: Innovation, Collaboration, Safety, Performance and Integrity. These could be played at any of their activities for a bonus and then sent two teams to each activity, a few teams struggled with Interlocker with a few of teams getting the maximum 10 minutes, but this wasn't a problem for the HD's or the Stealth’s with both teams getting a fantastic time of just over 3 minutes. Nearly all of the teams struggled with the Catapult Challenge with only one team managing to get the ball past the markers, The Warriors although the Tigers weren't able to complete the challenge but they put in a very good effort and almost made it.

Giraffe Build brought out the child in more than a few people with most teams being able to finish it within the allotted time, the highest one reached 6' 5'' but the team with the most impressive time were the SP's and the Quantum’s. Lost at Sea was found difficult for some except the QX's who got the fastest time of the day which was 2:08! I wouldn't mind being lost at sea with the Hercs who had an incredible time and put in an amazing effort! Archery seemed to be a lot of people's favourite activity of the day and it appears that we have some budding Merida's in our midst. The Demons and Pioneers both shot straight and true and managed to get great scores in the end. The final game of the day and perhaps the most entertaining to watch was Sheep Pen which could be heard from any point in the ballroom which drove everyone else ‘baa’rmy! Most teams found this task quite easy but the teams with the most impressive times were the Ultra's and the Puma's, we'd let them herd us any day!

In the end there can only be one winner and that means that there can only be one loser, and in this case it was the Pioneers with a very unimpressive time of 52:17 and took home the wooden spoon, in 11th place was Quantum with 46:19, in 10th was Ultras with 46:13, in 9th was SP's with 45:18, 8th was Pumas with 44:27, 7th was Tiger's with 44:14, 6th was QX with a time of 42:40, 5th was the Warriors with 42:33, 4th was Demons with 40:56, 3rd was Hercs with 38:25, 2nd was Stealths with 36:30 but in first was HD's with an impressive time of 35:01 taking home the fantastic Team Challenge Winners Trophy!!! A huge thanks to Kerry for arranging such a fantastic day.

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