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Posted: Aug 28 2014

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The beautiful Gleddoch House Hotel was the stunning setting for the Crystal Challenge outdoor team building event for the group from Taylor Wimpey to compete head to head in a range of challenges in a bid to claim the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy! The group were welcomed by our leopard lover, including a special Happy 40th Birthday shout out, and split into 10 teams before getting straight into the first of 5 rotations based on physical, skill and mental challenges.

All of the teams struggled with the first challenge, Ring your Bell, as the course proved to be difficult for most to master in the time allowed. Over on Interlocker, Team 5 struggled to complete the puzzle but Davie stepped up for the Riddles and proved he had the brains to bag his team a crystal! Unlike Team 5 however, Team 7 found the interlocker to be child’s play and completed the puzzle in an incredible 5 minutes 35 seconds much to their delight! Archery proved to be a more manageable task with Sarah Jane’s expert tuition seeing most teams through to a crystal Robin Hood style including Team 5 with the best score of the day. However, it was a shame that the same couldn’t be said for the Simon Says individual challenge! Despite 10 individuals attempting to beat the lights, none were able to make it to the 12 required, although Maggie did manage to make it incredibly close and was the best of the day.

After a quick break the teams had refilled their glasses and were back to take on the final set of challenges before making their way to the Crystal Dome finale. In the end it was teams 4, 7 and 8 that made it to the finale with a whopping 8, 7 and 7 crystals respectively. One by one each team took on the dome grabbing as much money as possible in the time earned by their crystals. There was some possible (definite!) cheating in the dome, however cheating aside the scores were in and the results were BIG! The wooden spoon was awarded first and it was Teams 9, 6, 3 and 2 that all finished in joint last place with their total of 5 crystals before Team 8 were revealed to be in 3rd place with £180 from the dome. The runner’s up were Team 7 with £360 while Team 4 edged into the lead with £390 and were crowned deserving champions. All of the teams did an incredible job and definitely worked up an appetite for the BBQ dinner on offer next. A huge thank you to Kerry for all of her effort in putting the day together for everyone to enjoy.

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