Aker Solutions - Fun Casino Night Aberdeen

Posted: Aug 31 2009

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On arrival to the Aker Solutions Fun Casino Night the 100 strong guests walked up the red carpet and were greeted with a welcome cocktail served by two beautiful Casino Show Girls.  The night couldn't begin however until Lucy unvailed Daniel Craig and it wasn't a disappointment to the onlookers.With the room fabulously decorated and the mood lighting set to warm amber glow the gambling began.  There was a lot of choice at this wonderful casino-themed evening, you could choose from Blackjack, Roulette and Texas Hold'em. 

During the evening the Show Girls were selling raffle tickets to raise even more money for charity and with brilliant prizes to give away it was an easy sell.The early loser of the evening was Kevin (King Kev) however he bounced back on the Blackjack table and accumulated over £800 in a few hands, it was short lived though and he continued his YoYo gambling throughout the night.

There was a small rest bite at 9.15pm when guests were refuelled with stovies but it wasn't long before they were back and gambling at full tilt once once.Results 5th Place Chris £250 4th Place C. Hamilton £875 3rd Place Pauline £900 2nd Place Kevin £1090 1st Place Frank £1485   The evening entertainment had been a massive success, with all in attendance thoroughly enjoying their evening, all whilst raising as much money as possible for charity. A big thank-you must go to Lucy and the rest of her team for all the amazing hard work and effort that went in to organising such a memorable night  Congratulations, and we at Team Challenge Company wish you all the best with all your future fund-raising endeavours.

Comments (2)



The fun and laughs on the BlackJack table were of the highest quality and every now and again King Kev would pop over and win a few hundred to the amazement of all the others. It was a pleasure to be there and thank you everyone for making it the special night it was. Gerry



It was another spectacular 007 James Bond dressing up night with Team Challenge Company and not only were prizes awarded for best gamblers but also for the Best Dressed James and Jane Bond look alike and best dressed Bond villains - well done Mags and Craig - see you strut your stuff on the silver screen soon ! Our beautiful burlesque show girls did a great job selling the raffle prizes throughout the glamorous evening and some fantastic prizes resulted in an excellent donation to local charities- well done to Lucy and her lovely band of Bond girls.. not to mention the REAL Daniel Craig for rasing money for such worth while local charities. A great night with Aker ... A night to really remember. Stephen



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