Team Building and Evening Entertainment with Heineken

Posted: May 18 2017

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Edinburgh Zoo played host once again to Heineken, as Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of providing a day of team building and an evening of entertainment in the form of our GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt and Big Quiz night. The group was split into 8 teams and, as always, was competing to win our Team Challenge Company Trophy, along with ultimate bragging rights!

After a quick brief and an introduction to the tablets, it was time for the teams to set off - not without a team selfie first though! Heading off into the zoo, and hopefully avoiding a trek through the lion enclosure, the teams made their way to various checkpoints to answer questions, record videos and take pictures. We saw team Blankety Blanc acting like monkeys outside the monkey house, team Rumble in the Jungle doing their best Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rap and team Heineken Hungry Hippos showing us how many press ups they can do. The teams spent the afternoon answering as many questions as possible, racking up points and giving the rest of the guests at the zoo a good giggle with their antics! 

Our team at Zoo HQ loved seeing all the videos and selfies coming in. Soon enough it was time for the teams to head back to see some for themselves and, of course, start the Big Quiz! The teams settled themselves in for a delicious meal and a night of even more antics - including a dance off! At the halfway point, the scores were close with Orange Walk in top spot with 480 points, Heineken Hungry Hippos in second with 460 points and in last with 280 points was team Rumble in the Jungle - don't worry, team Rumble in the Jungle hadn't played their team mascot for double points yet! 

After a quick pause to draw the raffle and give out some fantastic prizes, everyone was ready to start competing for those points again! The teams were eager to get their points as they raced their answers to the front after each round, where our score master was waiting to tally up their marks. With a few mascots played, the teams were looking to be in good shape. With our final round came the final chance for bonus points - the dance off! Hands were in the air, hips were shaking and bonus points were given left and right as each person had their time in the limelight to show off their best moves. With the rounds complete, scores added up and a few minutes given for everyone to catch their breath... it was time to present the scores!

In Last Place, taking home the Losers' Wooden Spoon with a huge 2055 points was... Team Sloth! In 7th Place with 2155 points, whose mascot didn't quite get them enough points, was team Rumble in the Jungle! In 6th Place with 2225 points was team Lizard Royalty. With 2265 points, coming in 5th Place was team Pink Beavers Rising! In 4th Place with 2315 points was team Heineken Hungry Hippos and in 3rd Place with 2405 points was team Blue Pink Bottomed Baboons. Now with only 2 teams left and a huge 185 points between them... who would be our winners?! In second place, with 2510 points and taking home nothing but memories... team Blankety Blank! Which means our winners, with 2695 points and taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy was team Orange Walk! 

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