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Posted: Feb 06 2018

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The beautiful Gleneagles Hotel was host to 3 days of Team Building and Entertainment for our 225 guests from Verint. The guests had arrived from all over the world, and were greeted with some beautiful Scottish winter weather. As the snow covered the gorgeous surroundings in white, we got the team together for their first activity, a GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt.

The groups were split into teams, keeping it traditional with different Clan names to identify themselves, and after a quick brief to show the teams how to operate their tablets and explain the challenge ahead of them, they set off. Back in the warmth, our team were keeping an eye on the teams’ treasure hunt, as they ventured to the checkpoints dotted around the extensive grounds of the hotel. At the checkpoints they faced various tasks which they had to complete in order to earn points. With some brilliant pictures and hilarious videos rolling in, it was definitely entertaining and we loved seeing the teams getting creative in their challenges. 

As the teams headed back inside to thaw out, they had clearly enjoyed themselves and had gotten off to a great start to kick off the activities over the following days. There was definitely some competitive spirit in the air, but the teams were going to have to wait for their results and continue to battle it out over the next two days.

After the teams had rested after an exciting first day, next, Verint were tasked with partaking in a full Highland Games.  Kicking off in our Highland games, we had Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting – much like its gun powder related big brother, but without the noise, smell and general danger! The teams showed some genuine skill in this activity. Next was Archery and as our teams lined up and took their shots it was very good to see so many members of different teams, different departments, and different nationalities helping out, giving tips and generally pushing each other to succeed.

The sound of bagpipes rang round the field as the Toss the Caber event began, this is maybe the most recognisable event on our roster. Our guests were marked, not on distance, but how straight the Caber lands and the amount of rotation put against the Caber. Side note to our guests from Verint, screaming like a bearded highlander doesn’t necessarily make your throw better...

 Next was Haggis Hurling - our guests were aiming to land their haggis in the target area, head to head with different teams. Our staff were on hand to count up the scores and stop the blatant sabotage from some teams to others! Then, Taking the foot off the gas a little, was a round of chip shot golf. Our guests were tasked with chipping the golf ball into elevated holes for different numbers of points. Next was an activity that is trickier than appears – Flycasting. Trying to make the weighted tip land in the target area takes a lot of practice and is, unless you have a knack, a difficult skill to master. 

Other challenges included the Stone Lift, Hey You Jimmy Assault Course and Plank Walk. After all the events were done, our guests headed back up towards Gleneagles resort ahead of a fun filled evening of games! The Stunning Ballroom was host to their evening meal and entertainment. All guests had to take part in the games in order to receive a ticket to get a drink from the bar, no ticket - no drink! And after a day out in the cold, it’s safe to say that no one wanted to miss this opportunity and saw the guests more competitive than ever! The guest battled it out on the Anki Cars, racing round the track trying to knock their opponents off course. 

Skill was definitely something that was brought to Giant Jenga, some games lasted more than 20 minutes as they paired up to battle it out. I think that Gemma Gray could make this into an Olympic Sport! William Fisher was in deep concentration as he took on the Giant Buzz me, great determination from this gentleman; he was not leaving until he had completed the task... I think he may still be there!! The biggest hits of the night were undoubtedly our Foosball and Air Hockey Tables, and not only did they attract lots of players, there was no shortage in spectators. After a busy day of competition, the guests headed off to rest their heads ahead of their final awards ceremony the following night. 

As the teams flooded into the room, they were faces with the ultimate prize, the famous Team Challenge Company trophies were on display and ready to be handed out to the winners, and for the teams at the bottom of the barrel, the Wooden Spoon that awaited.

The podiums were ready and it came time to announce our winners. Firstly, the teams in last place we announced, starting with the GPS Treasure Hunt. The team were called up on stage and gracefully took away their wooden spoon, followed shortly after by the winners who were the first to pick up one of our Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophies. Huge cheers filled the room and a great round of applause was well earned.

Next up to be announced was the Highland Games. Although the day was extremely cold and the Scottish weather prevailed, we firstly congratulated everyone on their spirit in what was one of the coldest days we had faced this year!  Again, our wooden spoon winners were announced first, and it was clear by the score that the cold weather had gotten to them! The Trophy Winners were next up, and it was clear that the cold weather still hadn’t dampened their spirits; they were competitive as ever and were delighted to have been in first place, ending the trip on a high.

We all had an excellent three days with you all, and loved entertaining you and bringing you all together for some great fun. We hope that you enjoyed the 3 days as much as we did and that we will be working with you again soon. 

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