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Posted: Jul 14 2011

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The day had been a huge success, and the fun and laughter had been thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance - just look at those photos! A big thank-you must go to Laura for all her hard work and effort in organising such a memorable event for all. The group from Aker Solutions had been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we hope to have the opportunity to see you all at the re-match!

Comments (4)


stephen hazley

Ody - What a man on the Quad Bikes ! Thank goodness to have Abdul there to keep everyone safe with a capital P ! Super day at the beautiful Ardoe House with Aker Solutions and thankfully the sun shone throughout the event this time round. Learnt a few new motivational words from Laura as she pumped her team up at every opportunity- so everyone in the office now answers to ' yer a xxxxx ' when I need to motivate them ! Looking forward to the re-match I bet Haakon is already out in the woods with his bow and arrows ! Stephen


Bob Scott

It was a pleasre to welcome Aker for their fun Teambuilding at Ardoe and as i said to Laura we would bring the Sun only if she brought us Red Bulls and her team delivered thanks to Haakon. It was fun from start to finish with this team. We even had Derek the one armed Photographer on the day and what a great job he did of messing up our Safety fence on the quads. We have photo eveidence but be rest assured Derek we will keep them under lock and Key. A big thanks must go out to Abdul for not going on our Quads as from a prevoius altercation on a Go-Kart we thought we would never see him or the Quads again haha. A shout again for Laura for being a great hostess and we look forward to the re-match Bob


Laura Taylor

Fabulous day and the weather was fantastic, glad I remembered the sun cream! I was quite concerned with Ody's random trek on his quad bike, I normally order him a Sat Nav for his car hire when he's away on business but he said he wouldn't need one for this drive..... Eddie was rather attached to his kilt that you kindly provided, and was impressed with his built in "lady garden"- where can I order one for his christmas pressie? He is currently constructing a unique wooden spoon holder to take pride of place in the office whilst we try and locate the winners trophy to go along side the others in the office! Thankyou very much for a great afternoon, can't wait for the re-match!


Eddie Murphy

Thanks to Team challeng for a great day. (weather helped) Also thanks to Team 1 who worked really hard to make the other teams look good. The wooden spoon will soon take pride and place in the office. Asgard It will be fine!!



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