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Posted: Nov 02 2009

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Comments (3)


Pernille Beyer

Exellent day!!! Even though I think we won (Bruces)....we had the best Foc us:-)



What a day! we really enjoyed the genuine scottish weather during the day. we from the nordic countries were a bit disapointed: we are used to bigger and heavier things! bigger cabers, heavier axes, the stones were to light, driving range to short. :-) look into the proof! look forward to see you all soon, it will be a blast! Patrik



Patrik, great link I will remember to pack the super size caber for you next time...haha. You were a great team to work with and the last dance was a rocker. keep up the highland dancing practice and don't forget us all here in Scotland at Team challenge Company. Bob



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