Corporate Family Fun Day with Aker Solutions

Posted: Aug 22 2010

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Comments (5)



A fantastically fun day with all the guests from Aker Solutions, it was great to meet and talk with so many of you throughout the afternoon. I tried my best to organise the weather for the whole day, but seems my powers over the elements could not hold out in the final hour...but at least iit kept our Land-Rover Tours very busy!!! A big cheer for Nichola and all her hard work in organising such a exciting and successful Corporate Fun Day, it was a real pleasure to work with you and I hope that you and all your guests will remember the Aker Solutions Summer BBQ 2010 for a long time to come! But for next year, I think you should try to put in a little more practice on the Laser Clays Hope to see you all again in the near future, all the best Jonathan


stephen hazley

A beautiful sunny start to the day at the excellent Pittodrie House Hotel for the Aker Solutions BBQ - we thoroughly enjoyed entertaining you and putting you through your paces in all the competitions. The food looked amazing and the Chef was always cheery and smiling - always a good sign at a summer BBQ ! After 4 beautiful hours of sunshine and activity and entertainment the rains fell from the heavens - but hopefully our Dozer Clown and the 4 x 4 scenic tours entertained all at the finale. A big shout out for Nichola for all her hard work on the day and beforehand and also Emma-Leigh prior to the event- lets work on next years weather together ! See you all again soon Stephen


Mark Williams

Had a great time at the BBQ but next year i would like to see non-fizzy drinks for kids.


Nichola McAndrew

It started out as a lovely afternoon, however this being Scotland the weather couldn't quite hold out for the whole afternoon and we all got rather wet at the end of our day!! It didn't seem to spoil some of the children's fun who just kept playing though!! :-) I hope you all had as much of a good time on the day as I had organising this event


Linsay Wares

Brilliant day, lots of different things for all ages. Its a pity there were so many wasps. I think bottled juice would have been better as the wasps teneded to go in the cups. its a pity it rained near the end, but at least it was dry for a good part of the day. Great location!



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