Corporate Family Fun Day with AVIVA

Posted: Jun 25 2011

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There was a lot of budding clowns spending their time with Dozer the Clown and honing their mad skills. This lead to an epic attempt at breaking the world record plate spinning competition. And what a respectable attempt it was with a total of 18 plates in the air at once and some balls being juggled too! There were even a few Mums and Dads who gave Dozer a run for his money.

The afternoon provided a wealth of entertainment for all who attended as part of the Aviva Corporate Day 2011 as did the Evening Entertainment and was only possible as a result of Lisa's hard work in organising it with the support of all of the M 'n' Ms so massive shout out to them. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and look forward to seeing you all again. 

Comments (1)



What a superb day! The weather held, the atmosphere was buzzing and the enthusiasm was high as everyone got involved. particularly for the days competitions. Lisa, that was just too impressive a pop. As for the Tug 'o War, that was a stunning display of strength from the ladies M and M's, proof that you are way more than just pretty faces! With a record amount of candyfloss being consumed sugar rush was high as the races saw everyone hyped up to the max. I already look forward to the next time we meet to match the levels of excitement and enthusiasm we all shared here. SJ



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