Corporate Family Fun Days with St James's Place

Posted: Jun 16 2009

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Perhaps some of the largest amounts donated to the St James's Place Foundation came about through the Stocks - undoubtedly one of the most fun parts of the event. Guests could donate money in return for sponges and a massive bucket of water, then take it in turns to fire the soaking sponges towards the unfortunate soul locked inside the was amazing! Richard, Alastair and Simon did big stints in the Stocks, raising a fantastic amount of money whilst getting absolutely soaked in the process!The games were buzzing right throughout the afternoon, with big crowds drawn to all the fun and games on offer. The Find the Key Challenge proved very popular...and very difficult, with only 3 people managing to win the prizes during the entire day. The Bucking Bronco Competition drew a large crowd as well, and though it was a hard fought battle, Matt managed to hang on the longest and scored an incredible 45 seconds, which landed him the sought-after trophy.

Comments (3)



It was a great day out due in part to the GREAT service provided by Team Challenge...all the hard work we put in organising this paid off big time ....same time next year I think...!!!!!!



Team Challenge certainly played a big part in making our day a success. The Stocks are a must event - great fun and a huge fund raiser!! The Bucking Bronco provides some great photo opportunities - we have used some of the photos for a Caption Competition that will raise even more money. A great day.



Just wanted to add my congratulations to Alastair and the rest of the organising committee who made the St James's Place Corporate Fun Day such a success, and ensured lots of money was raised for the St James's Place Foundation. Great effort by the team to get themselves in the Stocks and get soaked for what seemed like hours - I'm just glad it wasn't me! Once again, a big congratulations on all the money raised, and I hope the donations continue to roll in for such a worthy cause. Best of Luck Rus



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