Corporate Quiz Night, 80s Theme with Persimmon Homes

Posted: Aug 19 2011

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It was the turn of the group from Persimmon Homes to experience the Team Challenge Company treatment and this time, with a funky 80s twist. This evening held at the Mint Hotel in Glasgow had an 80s theme from 80s memorable sporting moments to famous faces from the decade but unfortunately not a single leg warmer in sight.After some warm up entertainment over dinner courtesy of our magician and fantastic caricaturist the group quickly settled into teams and were raring to go as the first of the somewhat difficult 80s Themed Executive Quiz rounds was up on the screen. There was a lot of controversy over some of the famous faces in particular the screams of 'Annika Rice' that came repeatedly from the Cunning Linguists at the back. Not that the other teams were complaining-free answers are always welcome-especially when they are right!

The Questions in Sport quiz round was a chance for the 69ers to shine and display their excellent knowledge of all things sporting as the Donnas in Glendas Double Enders complained that there were too many balls and not enough bottles in discussion at that point. Their team then pulled together and gave an astonishing performance on the Movie Cars round proving that they had brains and beauty on their side.Perci's Sledge were consistently placed as the front runners and kept pushing forward to show the other teams what they are really made of. There was only one moment of potential cheating by a member of the Double Enders who will remain unnamed. However, there was uproar amongst the teams as he was caught red handed on his IPhone. What is it with these surveyors?!

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Groovy baby! What a night this was. I certainly had an education in all things 80s as the two Donna's made sure I was paying close attention to the answers all night. Looking forward to the next evening we will share. I wonder what the theme will be then... Sarah-Jane



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