Corporate Quiz Night with Dril Quip

Posted: Feb 17 2011

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The theme for the night was the Oscars which lended itself perfectly for the Long Standing Service Awards that were being given out on the night for those who served anything between 10 and 25 years!! The Executive Quiz kicked off with excitement in the air following the awards ceremony, it was a sign of a great night ahead. There was 7 teams braving the quiz but only 1 team would take away the new Team Challenge Company trophy. There was a great mixture of rounds consisting of Guess Who, Movie Quotes and The Dril Quip 'Location, Location, Location' round plus many more....

It was a manic night from start to finish with the 4 Skins taking an early lead but the Hawks were closely behind clipping their heels. Then we moved on to the Executive Quiz Rounds round Movie quotes and the Dril Quip specialist round. A very disappointing performance with none of the teams getting full marks in these rounds, but the team outshining the rest was Team Aquilers they achieved a respectable  21 points from 24 which was a great round for them but the other 6 teams were livid as they knew who took the pictures tut tut Elaine ha ha.Then it was into the last couple of rounds of Sport, and Guess What and Where the points were high and even Nuts N n Boltz were climbing up the ladder coming out of the bottom 2.  The longest member team put in a great fight to get some points and with Jim in their team they knew they could rely on him to pull them of the bottom. 

Comments (1)


Bob Scott

It was a fantastic night of awards and fun and always a pleasure to work with Jim and his team. It was a close call from start to finish with teams tryng their hardest to take away the Team Challenge Trophy. Ross was the highlight of the night even though he didn't even know it ! haha. As always a big thank you to Elanine and Meredith for organising a great event and we look forward to seeing you again over 2011! Bob



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