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Posted: Mar 13 2015

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The air was tinged with a strange feeling of déjà Vu as Team Challenge Company arrived back at the one and only Whisky Bond building in Glasgow, looking forward to another compelling afternoon of fun and competitive team building glasgow.

This was unfortunately, the last in a string of 3 events with Scottish Canals! It was the engineering side who took up the mantle on this occasion as 2 teams would hotly contest the coveted Team Challenge Company Winner’s trophy. If the previous two events were anything to go by then this would be a memorable competition to the very end.

An early bonus round ensured the teams were hot for points, right from the off, the best name also allowing them to blow off some creative steam! The Cupid Stunts took the points for this, just pipping their rivals to the post. Their rivals name cannot be repeated for legal reasons and has been altered slightly for the continuation of this blog!! The donations knew their first round slip up had to be overcome quickly if they were to take home top prize!

A best of 5 game sprint to the finish ensued! Helium stick catching both teams off guard as they quickly became complacent about the apparent easiness of the task which lay ahead. After a lot of shouting and testing new systems, both teams made slight progress towards the floor. But not one could get it all the way! So they were in uncharted territory as they attempted to grab the first serious points of the day. After brave performances the teams were neck and neck as they were just inches from glory! When the clock stopped though it was the donations who took it by a nose! They were off to a flyer, leaving the stunts in their wake and cursing a slow start. The Crane Construction challenge awaited the teams as the donations looked to push home their advantage even further. There was meticulous planning from both sides as they knew this was a pivotal game even at this early stage. Two totally different but equally efficient designs saw both groups lift well. It is all about height though and it was the donations who were the most generous. The height and stability of their Crane ultimately blowing their rivals out of the water! On the clean up job though it was the stunts who hit back and cleaned up well! Bonus points to them as they scraped along, dragged by the coat tails of the buccaneering Donations.

There was a chance for the stunts to redeem themselves in rollerball! Two amazing structures which were helped somewhat along the way by the use of the surroundings! A chair and a book shelf all providing decent supporting mechanisms for what were original and though provoking contraptions. When the time came for the ball to roll there was an air of anticipation. The stunts knowing they'd be right back in it with a good performance. That's exactly what they got! Their ball in motion for a mere 2 seconds longer than their counterparts. 2 seconds or 2 hours. It didn't matter. The points were theirs! With a few games left they knew this performance could spur them on for a late fight back.

Interlocker proved to be a tough nut to crack for both teams though. This was the penultimate game and they were neck and neck heading up the last. After some amazing team work and communication skills it was the donations who came out on top once more, recapturing their early prowess. The games had sailed by as we roared up towards the crescendo of what had been an entertaining day. Bridge build awaited the two teams as they knew it was make it break for their title aspirations. The donations just needed a half decent run and the trophy was theirs! The stunts needed a dramatic swing in fortune. At the final hour, that is what they got. A poor attempt ultimately scuppered the donations chances! The clear early favourites were worn down as the stunts didn't look so Cupid and really came on to a game. A magnificent bridge and drive by the big boss man himself - Captain David ensured the sweetest of victories. Despair for the donations! 4300 points to 4200! A close affair which could have went either way. A fantastic end to what has been a fruitful few weeks with the overly people from Scottish Canals.

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