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Posted: May 11 2018

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The superb Melville Castle played host to a full day and evening of entertainment with the wonderful team from Axon Cable, as they celebrated a wonderful 30th birthday in style with fantastic It’s a Knockout fun in the afternoon, followed by 80s themed Corporate Quiz entertainment in the evening.

 The sun shone as our 4 teams prepared to do battle across a range of crazy races and wet, wild and wacky inflatables, as each bid to take home the much-coveted Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy! After a rather energetic warm-up, we set about getting some points on the board with the Caterpillar Race, which the Pink Team excelled in! This was followed up with a Battle Royale on the Gladiator Duel and Sumo Suit inflatables, which really got the adrenaline going! The Greens were legendary, the Blues fought valiantly, and the Reds...well, less said about them the better!

The action continued with our Wacky Wall, as teams flipped wet sponges across our Inflatable turret - much to the hilarity of the crowds that’s watched on! The competition really began to heat up during the Gold Rush Sack Race, as the Blues strived to take advantage of a Green slip up, whilst the Reds were on the comeback following their tough start! More points were to be won and lost on the Human Demolition and Bungee Run Basketball inflatables, before a round robin on the Human Table Football left the competition truly hanging in the balance as we headed into the grande finale...The Clown Around!

Masses of foam flooded the lawns of Melville Castle as our teams space hopped their way to glory, writing around amongst the foam to score the much needed points to take home victory! When all was said and done, the final points were added and the scores were on the doors...falling short and in last place was the Red  Team with 4300 points. 3rd went to The Blues whilst The Pinks just missed out on top spot with 5900 points. That meant there could be only one championship team, and the winner’s trophy went to the sensational Team Green - legends!

The afternoon soon rolled into evening, and after their of fun and frolics in our It’s A Knockout event, the Axon Cable crew arrived back in the wonderful Melville Castle Marquee for an Ultimate Game Show to enjoy throughout the evening. For a bit of extra flair the, the Game Show was 80’s themed, which many of our participants definitely enjoyed!

Amongst our different Game Show rounds, we had a version of The Price Is Right, Generation Game and a round  where the teams showed off their musical prowess...First up was Play Your Cards Right. Every person in the room was shown a card and had to guess if the next card was going to be higher or lower than the previous. There were some sneaky rounds within that, playing the odds didn’t always pan out best!

Next up was Guess the Theme Tune, where a selection of TV show themes were played for the guys to hear and guess. Some of our guests were more in the know than others (who doesn’t know the Cheers Theme?!?), but it ended up as a high scoring round for almost all of our teams.

We at Team Challenge Company always try to inject a large amount of enjoyment into all of our events, and the Ultimate Game Show is no exception. So instead of having a traditional music round, we based our points on a team performance! A well-known 80’s song was chosen at random for each team and they had to perform it to the best of their ability. As soon as this was announced, the feel in the room moved from relaxed enjoyment to thinly veiled panic! But, as expected, all teams took up the challenge and performed to great aplomb. Our particular favourite, not for the actual talent on show, but for the effort level would be the performance of Ice Ice Baby!

But of course, there had to be a winner. The points were tallied and the dancing was judged. It was close, but team Adam and the Ants stole victory at the end of the evening. The victory dance was definitely a spectacle to behold...

It wasn’t just a team game, and a prize was given for best dressed. Our winner was a lovely girl who was dressed, borderline terrifyingly, as Beetlejuice!

We at Team Challenge Company had a great time through all the events celebrating Axon Cable’s special anniversary – a big shout out and thank you must go to Tricia and Louise for all their organising efforts to make the day and evening such a success, and we very much hope to see you all again soon for the next big celebration!

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