DSM Corporate Family Fun Day

Posted: Jun 16 2010

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Preparations for the BBQ started as early as 7am and with the sun showing signs of breaking through it looked destined to be a great day.  The balloons and marquee were first to go up and when we arrived at 8.30am the venue already had a party feel to it.By 11.30am we were ready to rock n roll and with guests starting to arrive via bus and car they were greeted by giant inflatables, Laser Clays, Dozer the Clown, pony rides and so much more Corporate Fun Day Activities.

Comments (2)


Margaret Duncan

Right from the first moment I called Team Challenge and talked to Emma I knew they were the right people to manage the entertainment at our Family Fun Day and I certainly wasn't wrong. It was a bonus meeting up with Gerry at Kelburn Country Park, our chosen venue for our event, months before the big day to map out where we would position the inflatables and the other activities and draw up a plan. Team Challenge were totally professional from the outset and Emma remained supportive, enthusiastic and always charming even after dozens of questions and what must have seemed to her like hundreds of phone calls from me. On the 'big day', Team Challenge rolled up early and it felt like the cavalry had arrived. They were so professional at setting out the equipment and once everything was in place they held a team talk which we found very impressive. Gerry is a natural on the PA System and he kept everyone informed of what was happening and got everyone involved. All the Team Challenge staff were enthusiastic and nothing was too much trouble. Lots of people fell in love with Doser the Clown and he certainly made a great many new fans. I wouldn't hesitate in hiring Team Challenge again and look forward to working with them in the future.



Fantastic day well done to Margaret and all the Team, everyone was very pleasant and well behaved haha. The quote of the day for me was from a little boy, he came running up to me and said ..."Mr...Mr... I can't believe its all free". Sums up a great day for a great Company. Gerry



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