Team Building Edinburgh - Crystal Challenge with BP Magnus Life Extension Project

Posted: May 29 2014

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The big question of the day at the Marriott Dalmahoy for BP Magnus Life Extension Project's team building Edinburgh session was whether or not the rain was going to stay off! Fortunately there wasn't much to be done outside and so these guys got it easy for their Crystal Challenge event. After splitting into teams and deciding on some fantastic team names the group were sent away on their first round of rotations. On the NASA challenge there was "The Tigers" and "Scobies Scoundrels" who were fighting for their first crystal of the day. With a great start to the day the Scoundrels got a score of 26 and secured their first crystal, the tigers however scored the worst of the day, an astonishing 44. Sorry guys there's no crystal here. Over on Interlocker there were "The Reem Team" and "The B-bags". Poor Alexa had no choice at all for her teams name so don't hold it against her! Unfortunately only one team came away with any crystals and that was the B-bags! Unlucky for the Reem Team!

Over on the puzzles and labyrinth, our teams battled it out trying their hardest to figure out a more mental challenge! "The Embracers" and "Cameron's Angels" fought long and hard with the Embracers in particular having some good skills on the puzzles, however the Angels had their own skills with Carl taking on a leading role over on labyrinth! Lots of crystals came away with these guys that's for sure. Finally on our last rotation which was crane build, there was a few leaders who showed their skills as engineers! "The Cunning linguists" made a good effort but it was nothing compared to the fantastic build from "Heather's Hunks" who had a great height of 95 inches! Amazing effort! Nobody tell Sebastian though I doubt he would be too happy! After everyone had the chance to shine on each rotation and hopefully gain some crystals along the way it was time for Bridge Build, the last chance to gain some time in the dome. After a long building period it was time to test the bridges. Who would make it across and who would be the laughing stock of the room? It's safe to say we had a few good tries coming from our teams. Cameron's Angels and Scobies scoundrels were our only teams to make it across the dreaded bridge although there was some cheating from Heathers Hunks who wanted some special treatment! The Cunning Linguists bridge however didn't even manage to make it up before it was thrown to the ground in frustration!

With these added crystals our teams were led outside to face the Crystal Dome, where each team would have one chance to gain some glory. In the end there would be only one winner. Taking home the wooden spoon (although broken in half) were the cunning linguists on a score of 500 pounds from the dome! Next were Heathers hunks, Scobies scoundrels, the tigers and the Embracers. Taking a not too shabby third place with a score of 3000 were the Reem team. In second place were Cameron's Angels with a great score of 3200 and finally our top scorer of the day with a whopping 5000 pounds were The Bawbags!! Miles ahead of the pack! The crystal challenge was a fantastic success with the levels of enthusiasm incredibly high and focus levels on the ball. Big thanks to all those who helped to organise the day including Katy and Marlene, it couldn't have happened without you all!

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Well for a start, who's idea was it to let these guys pick their own team names haha! I had a fantastic day and luckily we even got a little bit of sunshine to round off the day!



Well done to everyone for giving it their all in an exciting and rewarding day of fun team building. Some great competitions on crane especially with one of the highest we've seen. Unfortunately it was one of the most unstable as well



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