Executive Corporate Quiz Night with HFMA

Posted: Mar 04 2011

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A timeout was called by the Quizzee Rascals so they could have a team talk and get themselves together and then it was back on full throttle. It was Name the Theme Tune, and then the classic for the ladies the Ok Magazine round of which Quizzee Rascals and No Pressure coming out on top.Then the pressure was on for Alison or glorious assistant (Carol Smillie look-a-like), as she came up to the front to help our team do the next round of Heads or Tails. There was excitement from Start to Finish but only one team came out victorious and that was........ The mighty Quizzee Rascals we couldn't believe our eyes when one of their team was left standing. Was this a joke or real!  haha

A big thanks goes out to Alison for organising another great event of fun and entertainment. We look forward to the return match.

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stephen hazley

Great night with HFMA - and congratulations to Team Rick Astley- Never Gonnna Give Up That Trophy ! Thanks to Alison for all her assistance on the night - especially as the glamourous Mis MoneyPenny - see you all again soon for the re- match ! Stephen



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