Team Building Glasgow - Pressure Zone with Transocean Round Two

Posted: Mar 25 2014

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The time had come for Transocean to be welcomed back into the Pressure Zone at the Radisson Blu Hotel for another Team Building Glasgow event with Team Challenge Company. We had a new group joining us with a few professionals from the first time in the form of Mark, Doug and Adrian. We thought the three of them may of been practicing their skills however it was clear to see any practice they may of had didn't pay off. We started off the evening with the popular Flop It, however the game was very much a flop during the practices and even more so during the main event, with not many people managing to get the bean bag up. Brian thought his shortness was to his disadvantage and requested something to stand on but even he managed to get it up once. There was some discrepancies between The Washouts and Team B for alleged cupping during The Descent.

Step Up was the next activity that we moved on to, this proved to be quite difficult for most however Six Under Pressure and Bucky Mafia had some good stances. Again there was some discrepancies on this, did Paddy make it for 10 seconds... was there feet touching the sides, I'm not too sure however a lot of lives were lost on this Pressure Zone Challenge. It was then time for a quick 15 minute break to get some more wine and beer and refresh for the second part of the Team Building event. The competitive spirit was lashing out of the teams as there were cheers and tactical distractions on Index. We thought Adrian was going to be on Index for a long time again but thankfully this was not the case. The practice round for Bounce and In showed the teams that the challenge was a lot harder than it looks.

Drop Zone was a success for quite a lot of the team members in Bucky Mafia, with words of discouragement not putting too many people off... we wont name any names but maybe choose a more inconspicuous colour than bright orange next time, haha!. It was finally time for the finale event, the lives were all counted and the music was turned up. Team by team we had all of the members taking part in the Tier Drop trying to win as much extra money as possible to win. It was fast paced and the balls were flying everywhere. The teams were able to secure that extra £100 each time the were able to complete the challenge. After all teams had completed this it was time to count the money and announce the winners. In last place taking home only the wooden spoon and slightly less dignity was Team B with £1000, In third place with £1300 was The Washouts, in second place with £1800 was Bucky Mafia, it was close but Six under Pressure were able to take home the much coveted Team Challenge Company trophy with £1900. Thank you to Tegan, Mark, Doug and Adrian for organism this wonderful afternoon. We look forward to working with you all again.

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Another action packed and banter filled afternoon! A great bunch of lads with a smashing sense of humor! It was an absolute pleasure being part of this event! I hope to see you all again tackling the mighty Pressure Zone.....We will leave the Index at home this time! Haha


Beth Ross

What a lovely evening I had with you all, It was great to see you all have fun and enjoy the challenges of the Pressure Zone. I hope you had a great evening and I look forward to working with you all again. Thank you



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