Team Building Glasgow - Pressure Zone with Transocean

Posted: Mar 04 2014

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The beautiful Radisson Blu hotel in Glasgow’s city center was setting for our latest Team Building Events Pressure Zone with a group of 25 from Transocean. Our fun filled Indoor Team Building Activities kicked off with the announcement of some questionable team names. One in particular had to be changed for our blog as it available before the watershed, however team 6 Cooks and a Granny won the first £100 of the day stepping up the pressure for Age Concern, Weegie Excursion and The Undecided in the battle for the Team Challenge Company Gold Trophy. To start proceedings we played what turned out to be the perfectly named “Flop It”. This was a challenging start for the teams with a few barely making the base but the team’s competitive nature shown through when 2 people were handed their first money of the day. Noise levels increased as we moved on to “Descent”. The practice shots seemed promising with numerous successful catches however when playing for money the pressure seemed to get to them. Particularly with Derek paying close attention to the rules and making sure everyone played by them.

Keeping up with the energy of the teams, “Step Up” was a great next challenge. No practice was allowed this time but many proved it wasn’t needed. Distraction techniques became the new entertainment for the crowds but to the delight of all the teams plenty of money was handed out. After a short break we returned with “Bounce and In”. El Capitano from team Weegie Excursion was particularly keen in this challenge taking use of the practice time to perfect his technique. It was Alexis that managed to pull it out of the bag when it mattered though and enjoyed her financial reward. Another practice-less challenge followed with “Index”. After a successful demonstration the teams were ready to take this one on believing it easy. They were rewarded with some successes but Age Concern were the highlight of this challenge living up to their team name and taking their time just a little too slowly to top up their winnings.

The “Drop Zone” kept up the fast pace of the afternoon as the battle continued to keep lives. The successes were celebrated loudly and teams were allowed to gamble more lives for a shot to triple the prize money. As the energy levels increased around the crows as rules were enforced again. To finish off lives were counted and stakes were raised to £200 for completing the “Tier Drop”. The atmosphere in the room fueled all the teams to a successful final challenge with The Undecided picking up an incredible extra £1200. After scores were counted and verified it was time to announce the winner of the coveted wooden spoon. Much to Alexis delight 6 cooks and a Granny came in last place taking home the spoon with just £1300. Third and fourth places were closes fought with just £100 in it but The Undecided’s performance in “Tier Drop” didn’t save them and Weegie Excursion beat them to second place. That left Age Concern to hobble into the Pressure Zone to collect the Team Challenge Company Trophy. A huge thank you to Tegan, Mark, Adrian and Doug for all of the effort put into organising a great day of conferencing followed by one of our fantastic Team Building Events, the Pressure Zone. We look forward to working with the team again at the end of March.

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Thank you for sending me the links. I’ve received so much positive feedback about the event


Bob Scott

A fun night with the team from Transocean and it was full of great banter. The teams worked hard and tried to bend the rules slightly with a lot of the teams cupping on Descent haha. The big highlight for me was when Derek joined our team as a referee, he was a stickler for the rules lol. Bring on the 25th for the next event! Bob



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