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Posted: Jun 20 2012

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After a long day in conference at Copthorne Hotel the group from HFMA were treated to a Executive Quiz by Team Challenge Company. The night kicked off with the famous round Hit or Miss. About half of the teams were sitting down after the second song and only 1 man was left standing at the top table. The lovely starter was then served and everyone wolfed it down! So it was then back to the Executive Quiz round 2 named Guess Who which was a good scoring round for all the teams.

Round 3 was Guess the Landmark- some people needed to brush up on their Geography knowledge- especially tables 9 and 5! Next out were the mains and everyone tucked in. Paul was especially loving it- he was licking the plate! Everyone was licking their lips when they saw it was time for the next round Name the Movie. It was a big round for everyone but table 3- why why did you have your phone out?!? This resulted in the loss of 500 points!

Next was the round that all girls hate- the Sports Round! It was a hard round for all the teams but everyone got though it. The best course was then up- the dessert!! It was then back into the quiz with only 3 rounds to go. The Movie Car round went down well with tables 9, 11, 8 and the top tables' doing great.

Everyone was loving the General Knowledge round- throwing in a mixture of easy and hard questions which got everyone thinking. We finished up with our popular Music round. Everyone was loving it and some of the girls were about to jump on the table when they heard Take That - Relight My Fire.

We finished up with the most important part of the night- the scores. The winners were table 8 with table 2 a very close second- great effort guys well done! But we need to give a big shout out to table 3 who took home our Team Challenge Losers Wooden Spoon! We would like to finish up by saying a huge thank you to Emily and the rest of the team for organising a great event, and we look forward to working with your company again soon! Click to view our range of evening entertainment events to organise your next big event, just like HMFA!

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