Indoor Entertainment Interactive Quiz with Brodies LLP

Posted: Nov 16 2010

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A little later in the Quiz night saw the Jolly Green Giant being renamed Coca Cola, a blast from the past was shared by all as we were treated to the old school photo of Colin and Bill of Feechan's Flock, the Moulin Rouge was relocated to Las Vegas and Gerry delighted the audience with his very own toungue twister:  Feechan's Flock are flying!All in all a great night was had by all and although Robins Reliant's were devastated with last place in this Corporate Quiz, Hunters Heroes went out in a blaze of glory pumping home with the Chalice of Champions; the Quiz Night Trophy.  

Comments (1)



Great team and enjoyed the funny banter all evening. My favourite moment of the night was watching the teams run to the top of the room to compete in the Buzzer battles and the Teletubbies taking their applause like real men. Catch you all again very soon Gerry



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