Interactive Quiz Night with Covidien

Posted: Apr 19 2012

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After a 2 full days of conferences the group from Covidien (UK) Commercial Ltd where treated to the full on Interactive Quiz Night Experience with Team Challenge Company. The evening got kicked off with Hit or Miss and the teams where doing great until round 7 when nerves started to get the better of everyone and the quiz master picked 1 person from each team to step up for their team. Team Undatables where out early doors and the the other 2 teams had to battle it out head to head and ended up so evenly matched they were forced to split the points! To learn about our indoor team building activities, see here!

After a wonderful dinner the quiz was in full flow. The Dingbats was an absolute sstormer with Capital King racking up the points, but 4 Women & 2 Studs didn't have a clue what was going on (Phil Wood!). The Music Round was a big hit with all the teams but Undatables made a last push for the trophy getting full points.

It was all to play for in the finale and after a quick warm the quiz master give the go ahead and all hell broke loose! Paul Down's face was a picture with the concentration but it just wasn't enough and the winners were 4 Women & 2 Studs with Shane Fields doing an unforgettable winners dance haha! In last place with 4900 points was the Undatables; the most unlucky team of the night. In 2nd place with 6150 points were 4 woman & 2 studs despite their incredible finale performance. It was so close but the winners with 6250 went to Capital Kings taking home the Team Challenge Company Trophy! Great Work teams!

So the trophy for our Champions has moved again on so let's see if it will stay up in the north next year, I know we can't wait to find out. A big thanks to Liz and Karen for all your hard work hope to see you soon.

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