It's A Knockout - Leeds

Posted: Jun 11 2010

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And then there was the Grand Finale...The Assault Course! We had two frantic and frenzied races over the 75ft of pure Inlatable Fun, a fantastic way to round off the entire Event. It seemed by this stage that many of the female competitors had outlasted their male colleagues, with Claire, Tammy, Ellen and Emma all storming home to strong finishes...what a bunch of amazing athletes (used in the loosest sense of the word, of course!)

As the event neared an end, and with all the scores culminated, checked and verified, it was time to announce the Team Winners! But first, and always more hilariously, we would find out who was taking home the Wooden Spoon. Though consistent all day, the Pink Team were consistently rubbish (not really, but we'll say you were just for fun), and wound up in last place with 6400 points. The rest of the scores were pretty tight throughout, and for the top two it couldn't be tighter, with just 900 points seperating them. Unfortunately, the Cerise Team could not overhaul the Lime Greens, who stepped up to a large round of applause (and the odd boo) to collect the trophy of the day.

A fantastic day of It's A Knockout entertainment had been enjoyed by all, it really was a fun-filled day and there was loud laughter and cheers from start to finish. A big thank-you must go to William and Conrad, who put a tremendous amount of hard work into organising such a successful event for all, it was a real credit to you and your company. It was a great pleasure to work with everybody, and our company hope to see you all again in the near better get training for the next challenge!

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This It's A Knockout Event was tremendous fun, such a great laugh and a great team spirit shown throughout! Big Dave-o was mental, the ladies were amongst some of the most competitive I have ever seen (especially on the Gladiator Duel), but my personal highlight was 'The Battle of Bill and Ben - The Flowerpot Men' Really great day, I hope you all enjoyed the It's A Knockout experience as much I did, and I hope to see you all for the re-match very soon



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