It's a knockout with the CDT Nanoscience Conference 2011

Posted: Jun 06 2011

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Clown Around was certainly a favourite amongst the teams, especially the spelling bees in the yellow team with John at the helm who cracked out MADDEST to take the crown. Although the oranges deserved a huge shout out for effort as they managed MAROON even though they had  two Q's and an X!

By the time we got to Obstacle Skis there was a lot riding on winning as teams were so close that every point was make or break. Patrick and the green team stepped up again to ski to glory and raced over the Inflatable Fun Assault Course to claw thier way up to the pinks with James forging the way ahead. There was a potentially hairy moment as the pinks called for a Stewards enquiry which nearly resulted in halving their score!Sponge Fling was a great penultimate race as everyone had the chance to sabottage the other teams chances and people's true colours began to show as the rivalry stepped up between the teams.  In the Inflatable Fun Zone there was a grudge-match to be had between the pink's James and the sky blue's Jen and Sam, and the green team came up with the catchphrase of  "WHAT'S THE WORD?" -the only difficulty with that was they couldn't seem to agree on the right answer...

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James, you have single handedly dispelled the myth that touching the trophy before the action is bad luck so good on you and the rest of the Pinks for your valiant efforts all day. As for the Yellows, everyone told me you were Cheats and they were all proved right in the Finale! I couldn't believe it after the moral support I gave you all haha. Highlight of the day had to be the longest Gold Rush in history, it will live on in the record books forever more. The weather was out in force for us all and only made the day more perfect. I hope to see you all again very soon. SJ



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