Mini Highland Games Team Building Event with NOV Grant Prideco

Posted: Apr 27 2011

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Moving onto Hay you Jimmy the teams looked nervous at the mere thought of running 40 metres but after the warm up session they came into their own and much to the teams' disbelief the Bravehearts pulled it out of the bag again. Next up was Axe Throwing and Fly Casting where Valentino rose up like a salmon to take the points.The Team Building classic Haggis Hurling was up next and after a brief tutorial haggis' filled the air. Finally, after a quick Red Bull stop Steve stepped up to the plate and managed to bring it home for his team with a magnificent 1 minute 13 seconds on Stone Lift. His muscles must be aching today!

Over at the Tug O' War Finale the Glenfiddichs won 4 out of the 5 bouts and did themselves proud. However, even this phenomenal performance wasn't quite enough to see them lift that elusive trophy and instead they took home the Wooden Spoon. It was the Bravehearts that were the deserving winners of the golden Trophy.

Shout out goes to Karen for all her hard work in putting together the afternoon of Team Building for the teams enjoyment. Let's just hope the Glenfiddichs can get some more practise in now before the rematch!

Comments (3)


stephen hazley

A beautiful day at the exclusive Crathes Castle and it was the Battle of the Clans for Nov Grant Prideco as the Jimmy Wigs were donned and it was Highland Game On ! Massive efforts from both teams and complete respect to Steve who broke the Team Challenge Company World Record on the Stone Lifting...a legend is born at Crathes..wont mention the fishing here young man ! Our thanks to Karen for all her hard work leading up to the day and for Andy for keeping the boys in order...even during the Tug O' War ! Hope to see you all again soon for the re-match ! Stephen


Jock McPorridge ( Glenfiddich )

Regarding the Caber event all I have to say is "Braveheart" were a bunch of useless tossers.


Jock McPorridge ( again )

Forgot to say, many thanks to all for a super day out, especially for organising the nice weather.



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