New Year Quiz Night with Thainstone House Hotel

Posted: Jan 01 2012

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Final Thainstone House Quiz Night Standings Champions The Famous Five 5000 points 2nd The Chicks 4700 points 3rd Team Tigger 4300 points 4th Team Leo 3900 points 5th Team Panda 3800 points 6th Team Lochee 3700 points 7th Team Crackshot 3500 points 8th Team MoTwo 2400 points 9th The Misfits 2200 points  

Comments (2)



What a great night of hilarity and laughter this was at the wonderful Thainstone House Hotel. The guests were great fun right throughout the evening, and I sincerely hope you all enhoyed yourselves throughout the Quiz Night. As always, it was a pleasure to work with Barry, Anneka and their team at Thainstone House Hotel, and we very much look forward to seeing you all again soon. Jonathan



What amazed me was just how competitive some people can be. Every team got into the race NOT to win the dreaded wooden spoon! We have had nothing but praise for the event and it's safe to say that all present had a thoroughly entertaining evening. As ever, its a pleasure to work along with Team Challenge Company, safe in the knowledge that your events will be professionally co-ordinated and thoroughly enjoyed by all. I look forward to welcoming Jonathan & his team back to the hotel for many further succesful events. Barry Clark Thainstone House Hotel



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