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Posted: Oct 03 2012

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Coventry was the venue for the gathering of the Ordnance Survey team with a focus on Building Better Teams and a drive to adapted work as a team, take ownership and think on your feet. After setting the scene and a focus on our objectives we began with a head to head challenge. All eight teams now known as Brown, Blue, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow, Black and Pink took part and with a difficult practice session over they all went on the whistle. First blood went to the Red team with Peter the strategist looking on with delight, second place was Black showing pure grit can make it happen.

The teams now broke up into four areas and began taking part in the four remaining challenges, armed with their challenge cards the first rotation began the high performers on Blind Intent were Yellow, Brown, Orange and Pink showing the others that clean communication and a non stop pace makes things happen. Poor Black struggled on this task after a great opening. At Casket it was Red that came out on top with an incredibly organized team and attacked the task with 100% commitment, it was Pink and Brown that struggled to get the team to pull together on this one although a solid performance just did cut it against the rest. Stepping stones was a learning exercise for everyone including Gerry from www.teamchallenge-company.co.uk, the boundaries were pushed and the teams showed some tolerance for each other but it was Pink and Black that showed us all a lesson, in that just because you can win doesn't mean the other teams shouldn't and together they work out how to make it a two team game and secure 1st and 2nd place for each other on this task.

Finally on return to the training room it was painful watching as the Brown and Yellow team sunk in the NASA Challenge and the big bad Red team made it a second win, with Blue thirtd for the 3rd time in the afternoon. The afternoon was concluded with a round up of the objectives and a reflective look back at how we behaved and with some practical examples of how we can transfer that into our working week. A large thank you to Emma for organising the event for the team and I know with a strong focus and a reminder of the three values this team is going to make a difference.

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stephen hazley

Excellent team development day with Ordnance Survey at the wonderful Warwick University - great teams working together for great results- just look at the photos for proof !. Thanks to Emma for all her hard worki leading up to and and the day itself and we hope to work with you all again in the near future Stephen



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