Peterson SBS Logistics' Summer BBQ Fun Day

Posted: Aug 11 2012

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Comments (6)



What a great day! All the guests from Peterson SBS were a great laugh, and made sitting in my wee Face Painting tent right at the coldest spot in the field worth it! Chatting to all the kids throughout the day there were a lot of satisfied customers, it seemed that the inflatable sticky wall was a hit! Hope to work with you all again next year. Heather


stephen hazley

Mike, Mike, Mike- three Archers in competition and you came third ! But its ok we won't tell anyone - Promise ! Great day at Edzell with Peterson SBS and a BIG shout out to Mary for putting the day together - and Oganising the Weather ! Enjoyed the Tug O' War Finale - you Guys and Girls are TOUGH ! Hope to see you all again. Stephen



Hee Hee Hee! From bets on how old I am, a record amount of Balloon swords and a FIERCE Tug of War this was certainly one event to keep me on my toes. Had such fun running around with the big and small kids alike altohugh maybe not so much all the stepping on my toes!- not my fault I have big feet. Can't wait to see you all again. Will make sure I get some new balloon ideas up my sleeves for then. Ditzy the Clown x



It was a pleasure to work with Mary in creating and delivering this year's Peterson SBS Logistics Summer BBQ, which was a great success! A big shout out to all the fantastic guests who were there on the day, everybody really got into the spirit of the day, and a wonderful time was enjoyed by all. And of course a big thank-you to Mary for all her hard work in organising this year's Summer BBQ, we very much look forward to seeing you again next year!


Anne Johnstone

It was a really fun day and well organised. Congratulations for the menu too. It was well stocked and diverse, well prepared and extremely tasty.



Was a great day out. Thanks to Mary and the Team Challenge guys n girls



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