Team Building Scotland - Trade to Win with Inverarity Morton

Posted: Oct 23 2014

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of welcoming a group from Inverarity Morton to Airth Castle for one of our popular team building Scotland challenges Trade to Win. The group were split into six teams where they had to undertake a role, would they be brave and become CEO of their rocket companies? or would they try to keep their team safe by becoming the Health And Safety Officer.. the teams then had to undertake a 2 minute pitch to the Military which would enable them to be scored on different aspects of their company and rocket names.. some of which were..lets say interesting.

The teams undertook their first challenge which was Helium Stick where they must lower a special stick to the ground using only their index fingers interlocked with their other team members, this proves to be a lot more difficult then it may seem, the teams hand-eye coordination was put to the test! The guests were then allowed to place an order at the Store to buy components for their rockets which would enable them to take flight up to 600feet into the skies, while some teams took the logistical route and bought the instructions, one team decided Glue was more important.

The teams were given the final two games which was Crane Build and Interlocker where the limits were pushed and the teams were suspending weights with their cranes and building a interlocking map, the teams were fantastic! The teams then finalised their rockets splashing the last of their cash and buying the final pieces of the rocket together, then the time came, the rockets were about to be launched. The teams made the nerve-wracking walk to the launch pad, there they stood proud as punch and ready to launch the rockets. It was an incredible afternoon with five of the rockets ending up in the sky, well done to all of the teams who participated throughout the day. We at Team Challenge Company would like to say a massive thanks to Donald and Ian for all of the hard work putting the day together.

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