SELEX Galileo Corporate Family Fun Day

Posted: Jun 07 2010

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We had nothing to worry about because the early sun was out at 6am and you could feel that it was going to be a cracking warm day.  12 noon arrived in a blink of an eye and with the excited guests waiting for entry their was no holding them back.  The children were greeted by the  enormous Stilt man and when they saw all the fun day activities they sprinted into the field leaving the adults shouting after them...The food service was split into two sections and with the Directors in their lovely aprons it was a party atmosphere in the food tents.  The charity tent was as busy as ever and plenty of prizes being won every minute.  The tombola tent was the most popular of the day with what seemed like an endless queue of winners.

1pm and the arrival of our Archery competition had arrived and with plenty of competitors eager to win especially BOSH we kicked off with round one closest to the bull.  Our eventual winner is pictured above so please let us know if its you and how it has changed your life.The next two competitions were Laserclays and Bucking Bronco, Superman took first place in the shooting and it ment a lot to him, he did us a favour by cutting his acceptance speech down to 5 minutes but by the time he had finished everyone had left anyway (Hehe).

Comments (4)


Kevin Logan

Gerry, Stephen and the team. Another fantastic success and 1800 extremely happy guests. Yours and your teams enthusiasm and positive approach was evident for all to see and added to the wonderful entertainment provided. A personal thank you from me for your patience in dealing with me and my many requests. Looking forward to another wonderful event next year.



What a great event and a wonderful group of people who attended, congratualtions to all the participants who took part in the various events, activities and competitions throughout the afternoon and for keeping everyone safe throughout the whole day. Thanks Kevin and all your team for the support on the run into and on the day itself, look forward to some naming and shaming from the photos just click on the image and go view the slide show. Gerry


stephen hazley

Another beautiful day for Selex Gailileo - another winner for Kevin and team for organising the sunshine. The children all behaved so very well throughout the day ..and even most of the parents! The competitions were hard fought throughout the afternoon and well done to all the winners , participants and spectators alike who cheered their favourites and keep the place buzzing with excitement. And as for the Mum's races - my goodness - Olympics here we get back to the gym and prepare for next year ! Stephen


Angela Robinson

Dont know how they do it every year but once again the weather was fab.Team challenge did a great job. As from my point of veiw (SYNERGY) we couldnt do it without them so thanks again guys.As i was looking after the buses the comments from the guest returning home is that they had a great day so cheers see you all next year.



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