Team Building Crystal Challenge with Wartsila

Posted: Apr 25 2013

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We had nothing to worry about because the early sun was out at 6am and you could feel that it was going to be a cracking warm day.  12 noon arrived in a blink of an eye and with the excited guests waiting for entry their was no holding them back.  The children were greeted by the  enormous Stilt man and when they saw all the fun day activities they sprinted into the field leaving the adults shouting after them...The food service was split into two sections and with the Directors in their lovely aprons it was a party atmosphere in the food tents.  The charity tent was as busy as ever and plenty of prizes being won every minute.  The tombola tent was the most popular of the day with what seemed like an endless queue of winners.

1pm and the arrival of our Archery competition had arrived and with plenty of competitors eager to win especially BOSH we kicked off with round one closest to the bull.  Our eventual winner is pictured above so please let us know if its you and how it has changed your life.The next two competitions were Laserclays and Bucking Bronco, Superman took first place in the shooting and it ment a lot to him, he did us a favour by cutting his acceptance speech down to 5 minutes but by the time he had finished everyone had left anyway (Hehe).

Comments (3)



"Andrew, It was our pleasure! So glad to hear that you enjoyed it and I'm sure the photos will give you lots to smile about for a long time to come. Sarah-Jane"


Andrew Philip

"Sarah Many thanks to you and all the team for a wonderful team building and activity day."



"This was such a great day, I am so happy to have been a part of it. We had a bit of a sleepy start in some of the teams, yet when the competition got going the inner competitive spirit of almost everyone (except Chris!) really got going. Was refreshing to work with a team who already worked so well together, Good on you all and I hope to see you again. Sarah-Jane"



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