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Posted: Feb 09 2009

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A snow-covered Thainstone House Hotel set the scene for a fantastic afternoon of light-hearted corporate entertainment, as a group of 14 excited Doctors from the Royal College of General Practitioners arrived in truly wintry conditions.

The Artic conditions could not keep the group back, and what was originally planned as an outdoor session quickly transformed to an afternoon of indoor Team Building. The group was split into 3 teams before the games would kick off, and before long The Chancers, Concious Incompetence and Balls R Us were competing against eachother in a bid to be crowned the champions.

The teams battled it out on the Big Screen Games, got their aim in check on the LaserSport, and put their wits to the test in the ever challenging, ever exciting Rollerball. Using only the materials provided and working against the clock, the teams were tasked with designing and creating a construction that would allow for the continuous motion of a ball for as long as possible.

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Can't believe we managed to get through the snow and after heading north on the back roads arrived 2 miles from the hotel leaving a queue of cars behind us on the A96. Staying true to the Moto "The event must go on" Memories: Without doubt the greatest invention for roller ball even designed but unforunately far to fast to be a contenter. My memory of the day however was almost getting a slap in the mouth from an over enthusiasticgentleman whos name will remain nameless (but he knows who he is!!). See you soon Euan B.



The Chancers Moto ...keep it simple. They came, they saw, they won ! Don't mention the snow... it never snows in Scotland... it's all C G I for the TV ! ps. the hotel pancakes...MMMMMMMMMMM



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