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Posted: Dec 09 2010

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There were so many hilarious highlights throughout the team building day as The High Flyers, Up Up and Away, Team Apollo and The Only Way is Up faced off for the beloved Winner's Trophy. There was Wendy's lovely pink (now black) Uggs, there was Rory's strop during the Stepping Stones challenge and of course Carla and Tracy's love of all things blindfolded! Then there was Gemma's fully laminated Bridge, and Paul's 'inspirational' speech at Helium StickHighlights throughout the Team Building day continued, as Amanda put her personal assets to great use during negotiations, and Barry gambled and lost whilst putting his company's high risk strategy into practice. The time had soon come for the rockets to be launched into space, with an incredible 3 and a half successes (you know what I'm talking about High Flyers) out of 4! Victory could only go to one company, and by the slimmest of margins, the mighty Up Up and Away team stepped up to lift the Team Challenge Company Trophy aloft...legends!

The entire day of Team Building had been a huge success, and we hope you all left with fabulous memories of your time with us at Shendish Manor. A big Thank You goes out to Alexa and Alison for all your hard work and enthusiasm in organising such a fantastic Company Away Day. The entire group from Profile Technology Services were an absolute pleasure to work with, and we at Team Challenge Company look forward to seeing you all again soon. 

Comments (7)



This Team Building away-day with Profile Technology Services was among our most special yet, and I thoroughly hope that all in attendance had a fabulous time and left with special memories of their Team Challenge Company experience. Having been involved with your event from the very initial planning stages, it was an absolute joy to see it through to fruition, and for everything to go so smoothly and finish up as a huge success. The hard work and endless enthusiasm shown by Alexa in organising the entire day was amazing, and I sincerely hope all those phone-calls and emails now seem well worthwhile. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Alison and the rest of her team at Profile Technology Services, and I look forward to seeing you all again in the near future for the rematch



Working with a team that wanted to learn, develop and improve is a great inspiration for us. We went full circle from learning outcomes to designing the most life like Reindeer I have ever had the pleasure of measuring..... Profile Technology Services are the future and | am looking forward to meeting the team again, have a great Christmas and New Year. Gerry



The Team Day could not have gone any better - from the contact and relationship built between Profile and TCC by Jonathan in the lead up, to the integration with company values & reflection and onto the day itself which was a huge success. To begin with we weren't sure how the day should run or the tone it should set; Jonathan gave us options which allowed us to formulate how the day would proceed and allowed us to integrate the activities and fun with reflection on our company's progress and our aims for the future. I honestly don't know how Jonathan, Gerry, Sarah-Jane, Lewis and James did it - they worked extremely quickly with such enthusiasm which never faltered - from 6am until gone 10pm, they kept the team pushing themselves and working together in so many weird and wonderful ways. Ricky is now a proud mascot of the company (although I am grateful that there aren't any close-ups!) and the memories will last for years. It was fantastic to see everyone working together, with new and old members to the team, and some who had never met, enabling us to get to know each other and learn so much whilst having fun. We look forward to working with Team Challenge in the future, and would recommend them to anyone who needs to plan any event - I'm pretty sure there are no limits to their abilities or enthusiasm! Alexa



I just wanted to say that the Team Building day was fantastic!! I thought Team Challenge, Jonathan, Gerry, Sarah-Jane, Lewis & James worked so hard and kept everyone on a high and really brought people out of their shells! I havent laughed like that for ages and I had such a great day/evening!! I was in a team that did not win most of the challenges but we laughed so much and worked really well together and when we won the trophy we were well... very surprised!!.... Thank you for such a fantasic day and I look forward to another 'Team Challenge' Day soon! Happy Christmas to you all Carla


Alison Dippenaar

I would like to thank everyone for their hard work in organising such a successful day. I would recommend their services highly to anyone. Jonathan in particular stood out when choosing a company to work with. He promised us a much higher level of involvement than any other company and still managed to over deliver. A fantastic day, run by a fantastic company. Many of the staff have already asked when the next one will be, so I guess we will be talking again in the New Year. Thanks to everyone involved in the event and have a good Xmas. Alison Dippenaar - MD, Profile Technology Services



Thank you so much to all the Team Challenge crew, you all made the day so enjoyable and there have been so many nice things said about you all. The pictures are brilliant, really nice to have such great memories from such a good day! Ricky the Reindeer is taking pride of place in the office, although his leg has fallen off (remarkably nothing else...!) but apart from that he is going strong and will remind us all of a great day and evening we all had. Thank you again and hope to see you again very soon! Gem



Congratulations & Thank you to Jonathan, Gerry, Sarah-Jane, Lewis & James, Your unique style and motivational skills made the day one to remember for all the right reasons. You certainly get your money



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