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Posted: Mar 15 2010

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The group was a mixed bag some sleepy and some flipping around like Tigger we even spotted high heels shoes on a particular lady, fortunately for her she couldn't stay but wished everyone a great afternoon.The team was divided up into four smaller teams and with Archery and Laser Shooting the first two disciplines, the afternoon was shaping up nicely.  Team 1 and 2 started with laser clay pigeon shooting and kev was showing early signs that he wouldn't hit a single clay.  Battling against frustration he never gave up and with only 6 clays to go the whole group irrupted when he bagged his first.  It just goes to show if at first you don't succeed.... He managed to chalk up a score on each of the remaining clays but sadly it wasnt enough and team 2 took the first blood.

After some more inflatable fun activities and a spot of axe throwing all four teams had the final shoot out on the Archery.  The time came for the scores and the results wereLast Place Team 1 Third Place Team 2 Second Place Team 4 WINNERS TEAM 3 The appaulse for the winners & Losers was a testament that the Team Building Event had been a massive success. A big thank-you must go to Tony for his part in organising such a truly unforgettable Team Building, the DHL team were a joy to work with and our company certainly look forward to seeing everybody again soon

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It was a beautiful day at Crutherland House and the DHL team were great fun to work with. The winning team performed consistent overall and I think it was the gladiator duel performance that made the diference!! Well done to all and a big thank you to Toney for organising things, we really hope to see you again over the coming months, in the meantime play fair and Kev keep up the practice you ahve teh hard work done. Gerry



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