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Posted: Nov 05 2012

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It was a test of communication, skill and team work for Expro Group as they joined us for the afternoon. The first activity Rollerball was difficult for teams 'Team With No Name' and 'Team Couldn't Even Think of a Name'. With gentle hands needed and quick speed both teams struggled! 'Team Marge' quickly raced into the lead with two balls in the bucket and found good competition from 'Team Route 66' but there was no stopping 'Team Marge', who quickly won in record time, with 'Team Route 66' in second place followed by 'Team Couldn't even Think of a Name' and then miserable last for 'Team With No Name'!

We quickly moved onto the Team Building activity Crane Build! Lots of planning and imagination had to go into building the crane with 'Team Couldn't Think of a Name' dominating from start to finish! But it was miserable last for 'Route 66.' Next up was a test of communication and also a good memory, with the challenge of Interlocker. 'Team with no name's' Nicola jumped straight into organising her team and telling them what to do! Once again though it was no match for 'Team Marge' who were quickly becoming the team to beat! 'Route 66' and Team 'Couldn't Event Think of a Name' struggled.

There was no surprise with what team one this one... it was of course 'Team Marge', followed by 'Team with No Name' then 'Route 66' and lucky last for 'Couldn't Even Think of a Name'. The ultimate Team Challenge final was Scrambled Egg! Dropping an egg from 10 foot without it smashing, using only paper, bits of straw and balloons! Team 'Couldn't Think of a Name' was brilliant, managing to stop the egg from breaking. 'Route 66' also managed to stop the egg from breaking with an excellent design!

So to end the day the scores were totaled up and in last place was 'Team With no Name', in third place was 'Route 66' and in second place was 'Couldn't Even Think of a Name!' So in first place was 'Team Marge' who showed great consistency throughout. Thank you very much to Steven who organised this great afternoon, we look forward to working with you in the future.

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Bob Scott

It was great to work with Steven on this event and what a great afternoon it was taken the group through some fabulous Team Building excercies at their offices. The teams battled out for the trophy but only one team came through Team Marge who were on fine form with a well deserved win. Not long till the rematch! Bob



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