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Posted: Jun 23 2011

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The sun was shining in Portrush for Open and Direct's Outdoor Team Building Event. After a long meeting the delegates joined Team Challenge Company on the field for a fantastic afternoon of fun challenges.Teams seemed to be a little reserved during the event briefing, but once the team names had been announced the teams started to become mega competitive.  Heading this up was the Field of Dreams team whom from the outset were bigging themselves up, saying 'the bookies money should be on them.'

Team Building challenges began with The Lassies getting off to a great start in the Rollerball challenge with a great time of 27.97 seconds, however, there were shouts of 'cheats' going on after it became apparent that The Lassies had used grass to help slow down the ball but after some serious consideration the team were awarded their points for thinking outside the box.

The Kiss My Patch had an engineer master in their team Big Steve; he had some mad ideas during the Casket Rescue challenge and lead his team to victory, earning the top score of the day... well done Steve. Team Chuckly Brothers stepped up their game when they were faced with the dreaded Drum Bridge challenge, I still don't know how they did it... slipping Euan a Red Bull may have helped!!!  In all fairness Deborah was like a professional long jumper, she launched herself across the gap showing great trust and confidence in her team mates that they would catch her at the other side... after a little wobble... she was safely back on the ground... this may very well have been a new world record!  Blind in Tent sounded and looked to be the Beatle Mania team's favourite challenge of the Team Building afternoon all we could hear were roars of laughter coming from inside the tent, how they managed to come in 3rd place in this challenge was a mystery to everyone. The Flying Stepping Stones was messy The Big Thinkers did not know where to start and with very questionable frisebee throwing skills it was no surprise when they struggled to complete this challenge. The 'bookies favourites' Field of Dreams pulled together as a team to fly though the Plank Walk only losing one point on safety throughout the course...very impressive.

The big finale was on the Catapult challenge; everyone looked on in amazement when Kiss My Patch sent the golf ball at least 25 meters... one of the best shots we have seen this year.   The super confident Field of Dreams suffered an embarrassing defeat in this challenge when their ball went backwards instead of forwards resulting in costly drop in the rankings.Now down to the scores, in 1st place with a great score of 6200 and taking home the Winners Trophy was Kiss My Patch.   Unfortunately for The Big Thinkers it was the Wooden Spoon they were taking home with a disappointing score of 3400. All and all it was a great afternoon in the sun with Open and Direct, they were a great group to work with.   A big thank you to Claire and her team for putting together such a fun filled afternoon, it was a great success and we look forward to working with you all again in the near future.   

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