Team Building with Standard Life Investments

Posted: Jun 29 2009

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Another Tough Helium Stick Challenge The games provided copious amounts of fun and laughter throughout the 3 days, with Scrambled Egg proving a particular favourite with the was just a shame that they were all rubbish at it! The Rollerball too proved very popular on all 3 days, with some unbelievable results. We've seen some crazy and excentric designs in our time, but the SLI team managed to go one step further on many occaisions! Big Tony, otherwise known as Tweedle-Dum (or was he Tweedle-Dee?) ensured there would be no copying his team's incredible effort! Check out the video links below to see some of the most successful creations.

Comments (4)



The effort and enthusiasm of all the participants over the three days was fantastic, its a great pleasure to work with you all at Standard Life Investment. During the three days there was moments of pure brillance, pure disaster and on day three pure romance...haha A big thank you to Denise, Audrey, Tracey and all the members fo the committee, for getting everyone organised for us and all they did behind the scenes. Gerry



Thanks Guys for three fantastic days..... Everyone at Team Challenge was superb and it was a pleasure to work with you all. Everyone is still talking about the challenges and what the best solution is to Roller Ball!!!! Thanks again for all your hardwork and three great days....... Denise


Tweedle-Dum (or was I Tweedle-Dee?)

Big thanks guys for an excellent time. I was naturally gutted we lost, but the best team won on the day. Still can't believe we only got a 5 for Health and Safety.... Hope we work with you guys again soon. Cheers, Tony


stephen hazley

A great pleasure to work with all the teams in this special event at the Corn Exchange and great to see such healthy hard fought competition between the teams, not to mention downright cheating and stealing - but its all in the game!. With only the narrowest of margins separating the teams in the final results I bet they are still trying to figure out some of those mad mind bending puzzles at home ready for the re match next year ! Fantastic presentations throughout the 3 days and well done not just to the winners but to all the participants- bet Mike is raring to go for the re match - and a big thanks to him for his support and encouragement throughout the 3 days. Round of applause for Denise, Tracey and Audrey for such excellent organisation of all three days and keeping her colleagues all ...well mostly all in order ! And a Big Cheers for the Red Bull ! Hope to see Standard Life Investments again in the near future. Stephen



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