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Posted: Sep 20 2012

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Heading Outdoors for the Interlocker Challenge this  was 50 Shades time to shine as Julie took charge and lead team to build a magnificent contraption! With Robbie theory of building a monument to the sky in Crane Construction their Viking Crystal struggled to get off the ground we only managed an impressive flop…. Just look at the photos! The NASA challenge was the one to turn the fortunes of the teams as, despite Knarr Sides limited Star Trek knowledge, it was a worthy winner who managed to win with an impressive score putting them safely into the excellent category.Indoor Crane construction was our extravaganza challenge that really pushed our team's design and creativity to the limit. After a short time to prepare  we were treated to the newest and most awesome cranes of the 21st Century . The best performance came from Knarr Side as they stood head and shoulders above the others.The scores were close at the stage of the Archway Contract Finale challenge and it went right down to the wire with one small crack in the budget the difference between the teams.

Edging into glory thanks to their consistently great performances throughout was No Mercy, taking home the Team Challenge Company Trophy and best Archway of 2012 ! Just look at those scores on the doors Champions – No Mercy      2000 points

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stephen hazley

Great day with BG Group and their business partners at the wonderful Gordon Highlanders Museum - such an inspirational place to work with clients and witness real team development take place. Thanks to Juile for keeping everything running smoothly and we look forward to working with you and your teams at your next event Stephen



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