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Posted: Jun 09 2009

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Norwood Hall played host to a group of around 90 BP employees, who enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of fun activities in the shape of our unique program, Trade to Win.Any initial nerves surrounding the day were quickly put aside as the excited group, which had been divided into 12 teams, listened intently to their Mission Brief for the afternoon. The objective was simple - the teams would compete in a mix of Team Building challenges in a bid to earn fun money, which would, in turn, allow the teams to design, build and launch their very own rocket!  The day that lay ahead would undoubtedly be challenging, but one which also provided plenty of opportunity for teamwork, reward, achievement, and most importantly fun - all on a beautiful Scottish summer day...hmmmm!

The 12 teams competed in a wide mix of outdoor and indoor games, which included Casket, Helium Stick, Bridge Build and Puzzle Corner, with other activities such as the Bungee Run, Assault Course and Gladiator Duel adding to the fun element of the afternoon.  The Blackjack Table and Indoor Laser Shoot highlighted the need for both low risk and high-risk strategies during the program, and provided opportunities for earning some big money well as experiencing big losses! The teams would have to draw on individual strengths and effectively manage team weaknesses whilst most importantly working together to overcome the various challenges.All teams competed very strongly throughout the day  , and it was anyone's guess as to which team would come out on top. As the activities drew to a close the panic buying and frantic rocket building session began. It was complete chaos as the building finished and the all important team presentations commenced. The 12 teams gave their business presentations to 3 very important people - Major Randy Rusty, General Asskicker McClee and Commissioner Yvonne Kneival. The Dancing Girls of Team 8 certainly went down a treat...! When the teams had been grilled by the Board, the time for the big finale to the afternoon arrived, the moment we had all been working towards - the Rocket Launch!

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It was excellent to work with such a highly committed team from BP and as the afternoon went on the top performers really stepped up and delivered top quality team performances, despite the weather being against us.Throughout the day the emphasis was on safety , team working and competition and all teams showed great focus and ingenuity as the challenges became ever more difficult to tackle. Andrew thoroughly enjoyed the team training business tasks elements of the programme and brought his leadership experience into play particularly in these. The company rocket presentation was highly creative and better than anything on Britains Got Talent ! and the launch finale was a true highlight of the afternoon and victory went to the well deserving Team 11 as the most consistent team players throughout the day. Great event with BP, a real pleasure to work with. See you all next year, and it will be tougher ! Stephen



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