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Posted: May 06 2017

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The picturesque Dalmahoy Hotel in Edinburgh saw sunshine on Saturday as Team Challenge Company hosted a day of Team Building in the form of our Highland Games event.  The 103 delegates from Netcompany gathered to compete in various activities throughout the day to be in with the chance of winning the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy. The group split off into 12 teams and took part in our classic warm up to get them moving! Once everyone was riled up and ready to go it was time to move off to our first rotations...

The teams took part in activities such as Toss the Caber, Haggis Hurling, Hey You Jimmy Obstacle Course and many more. The Hey You Jimmy Obstacle Course sees the teams running round the obstacle course, through hoops, over bridges and around hay bales with a wheelbarrow in attempts to collect as many balls as possible and get back round the course to fill up their team buckets. The teams were cheering their players and the competition was high – two teams even ended the activity in a battle with the balls! Over at Haggis Hurling, there was a few tumbles taken and a few bonus points given for the effort and determination of one man who just would not quit despite the many falls! 

Fishing for points, the teams battled it out over at Fly Rod Fishing – trying to blow each other out of the water and finish with that top spot. Team 1 seemed to show their skill as they managed to beat Team 6 by 50 points! In true Highland Games style, our teams tried their hand at the Caber Toss and from the cheers heard across the field they certainly showed their strength! The Welly Throw saw Team 4 have the farthest throw of the day – although it wasn’t enough to get them the 1000 points and Team 7 bet them to the top score. 

Once all the wellies had been thrown, the cabers tossed and the haggis hurled it was time to add up the scores and reveal our winners! In Last Place, with 5000 points and taking home our Loser’s Wooden Spoon was... Team 1! In 11th place with 5200 points was Team 8. In 10th place was Team 9 with 5250 points. It was close between the next two teams but with 5300 points, in 9th place, was Team 4, followed closely by Team 2 with 5325 points. In 7th Place with 5350 points came Team 6, followed by Team 12 with 5375 points. In 5th place  was Team 5 with 5425 and just missing out on the top 3 was Team 7 with 5450 points. Now for our top 3 spots... In Third Place with 5500 points... Team 11! In Second Place with 5700 points and just missing out on that prize position was... Team 10! Which means taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy and bragging rights with a huge 6000 points was Team 3!

A massive well done to everyone who took part in the day, there was a huge effort all round and it was a great day! Our team enjoyed their day working with you all and hope to see you all again soon!  

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