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Posted: Mar 24 2017

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Team Challenge Company headed to another day of fun and energetic Team Building at the Marriott Dalmahoy Edinburgh, where they welcomed a group of 20 delegates from Historic Environment Scotland. The day started with a quick discussion about the values that the group would like to focus on throughout the day - Douglas was quite eager to answer, shouting from the back of the room "nothing too strenuous". Once the board was full of key focus points for the day, like communication and team work, the group was split up into 3 teams and asked to think of a good team name. The teams would be taking part in various challenges throughout the day that would not only help build the teams in their work life, but also provide some well needed fun in the process - and the prospect of winning the Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy wasn't bad either! 

The first opportunity to win a crystal came with the introduction of the team names which saw team Spaniel Rage One taking away the prize for best - and specifically in this case, most original - team name. The teams then split off to their first rotation with team Two Tooties doing extremely well in both the initial round and bonus round of Ring the Bell. They seemed to find a good balance of communication and action - especially with the guidance of their "manager" who helped direct them through the course. The day not only sported team challenges but individual ones too, the first of which saw one person from each team compete in our Flag Race challenge and each team member managed to complete the challenge in under 22 seconds, earning them each a crystal for their teams.

Our Towers of Hanoii challenge proved to be more difficult than it looked as all three teams struggled to complete it. Despite working together, the teams managed to work out the right moves to make... just not in enough time. Over at Chicken, Fox and Grain, the teams took some time to strategize and decide which team member should take up each role in the challenge before heading off to get dressed up! Returning in their Chicken, Fox and Farmer suits, the teams had to work out and action a way for the chicken, the fox and the grain to make it from one side of the course to the other - however, they had some very specific restrictions... All three teams managed to successfully plan and complete the challenge and earn another Crystal that counted towards their finale challenge.

Back at Ring the Bell, team Three Steps to Heaven were on their third attempt through the string maze with their bell and hoping this would be the successful one - and it was! They managed to learn from their previous attempts and adjust their actions accordingly which had them completing the challenge in no time... we'll call the first two attempts a practice! Down at Interlocker - some might say the most frustrating challenge of the day - the teams were tasked with putting together a puzzle with only the direction of one team member who had the solution on a map in front of them. It was a mixed bag from the teams on this one...

Once all the challenges had been completed, it was time to count up the crystals and get our teams to the Crystal Dome finale. Team Three Steps to Heaven managed to earn 3 crystals throughout the challenges giving them 9 seconds in the dome and both team Two Tooties and Spaniel Rage One earned 6 crystals which gave them 18 seconds in their final challenge. Each team chose 1 member to step into the dome and grab as many £100 notes as they could - careful to only grab the £100s... the other notes would be deducted from the total amount! The money was counted and it was time to see who our winners were... in Last Place and taking home the Losers Wooden Spoon was... Three Steps to Heaven with £470! In third place, with £740 was team Two Tooties! Which meant our winners, taking home the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy was... Spaniel Rage One! 

A huge thank you and well done to Joyce for organising the day, and well done to everyone taking part. Our team had a fantastic time working with you all and hope you enjoyed your day just as much! We look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Comments (2)


The Leopard Lover

What a cracking day it was for the Crystal Challenge, the sun was out and the teams were all putting there heads together showing great team work. It was a pleasure to have met you all and hopefully see again.



My thanks to all at Team Challenge for facilitating a fabulous event! My highlights included dressing up as a chicken, and working collaboratively to manoeuvre the bell through the maze on the first attempt, helping to secure a win for Team Spaniel Rage 1. I enjoyed getting to know my colleagues better and was pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to our Operational Plan - and what better place to do so than the luxurious Dalmahoy Hotel? The team there were very accommodating. Thank you HES for investing in our team.



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